TaylorMade SLDR Irons

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TaylorMade SLDR Irons
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre gets hold of the NEW TaylorMade SLDR Irons and hits some shots on GC2 with real golf balls and lets you know what type of golfer the TaylorMade SLDR irons will suit.

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Martyn Murfitt-Wrather says:

Hi Rick – I was all set to buy a set of speedbladez until seeing your (and
Mark Crossfield’s) review of the SLDR irons!! I then tested the SLDR irons
and I was hooked – they are excellent! Yes it is true they have a higher
flight but they are also powerful (I hitting a club, sometimes 2 clubs less
when comparing to my old AP1 712s) and I also had them custom fitted &
hopefully will see the handicap tumble (currently 13) next year! Any chance
you can redo the review using your new techniques (on-course simulator)?

Keep up the good work! Cheers!

sk8monster66 says:

rick i would say i am in the mid handicap range and struggle with distance
a little and am in the market for a new set of sticks what would you
recommend for me without breaking the bank (currently have cleveland cg4.
7 iron goes 140) 

Aidan Richard says:

Just bought these irons and i have got to say that they are magnificient.
Just not wanting to get them dirty yet!

Cheers Rick

Joey Sanchez says:

Rick..love your videos…since i started watching you a year ago i’ve gone
from 120’s to mid to high 80’s….i’m using R7’s, r7 cgb max driver, and
sldr 3 wood, and atv wedges…love all my clubs…i shot my personal best a
week ago at a 79 and have been eyeing new clubs…i’m iffy cause i’m doing
so well with my r7’s but sometimes i feel like new ones would help me out a
bit since my irons and driver are pretty old…i’ve been eyeing the TP CB
irons but now been looking at these…any chance of making a TP vs SLDR
irons? as for my driver i’m still out driving a lot of my buddies with my
cgb r7 and since i’ve finally figured out the slice and over draw i want to
stay with it…the driver took me a long time to fix…really looking into
newer irons with stiff shafts as mine are also regular shafts…thanks!!!

Tom Griff says:

Rick has a really nice swing fair play I like it

Reece Bodiford says:

you never reviewed the bio cell plus irons…..can you compare those with
SLDR irons?

Vaughan Waison says:

Have u thought about doing a distance challenge between the speedblades vs
the sldr irons? Looking to get a set not sure which to go with. Thanks. 

Phil McIver says:

Taylormade are really devaluing their brand reputation by bringing out new
stuff all the time. To be fair new golfers can pick up decent Taylormade
2nd hand sets now for cheap prices but the proper players will laugh at TM
products & buy another brand. Btw that SLDR driver is dog sh!t 

Alan Bruce says:

Bore on ! Poor mans Crossfield 

John White says:

Yet another Taylormade iron with the fastest ball speed EVER. More like the
highest price ever. I’ll just stick with my old Burner XD irons.
Thanks for all your club tests Rick. Really honest reviews!

Darth Fader says:

Every 6 months comes the best, fastest iron ever produced

Golf Buddy says:

Thanks Rick I love your videos. Excellent helpful reviews. Keep up the
great work

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade SLDR Iron Review

@TaylorMadeGolf @TaylorMadeTour

d turner says:

Hi Rick, Another great review. I’ve been using x-forged 13 and was looking
for something with more forgiveness and something that gave me more height
as I’m a fairly low ball hitter. I currently play off a 10 handicap. I
originally went to test the Callaway Apex and X2 Hot (both 6 irons with 27
and 26 deg) but they had just received an SLDR demo club (7 iron with 32
deg) so I hit that alongside the Callaway’s.. For me the X2 Hot were
longer but you’d expect that as the X2 Hot had an additional 6 deg which
should equate to about 18 yds. Dispersion with the X2 Hot wasn’t great but
predictably they went further by 14 yds on average! The Apex irons went
around 8 yds further with a lower flight. There was very little difference
between the Apex and the SLDR’s but dispersion was slightly tighter and the
added height convinced me to buy the SLDR’s. I note that you are intending
comparing the SLDR’s against the X2 Hot but I would suggest the Apex irons
would be a better choice as both these irons will appeal to the same type
of player. 

PingDrv00 says:

Rick can you do a test between your custom fit SLDR and a standard one?

David Eaton says:

Is it worth changing from my R11s for theses Rick?

Martin Drain says:

Hi Rick, I see your now using the GC2, I’m an assistant pro and thinking of
investing in a launch monitor. Can you say why you switched and which one
you think is best.

Herb Cudiamat says:

As always, I enjoy your reviews. I was also very curious about the TM SLDR
irons and had the opportunity to hit them. I tested these clubs against the
Callaway Apex. For me, the Apex had a slight edge on distance and won me
over based on the feel and “sound”. However, I think the SLDR irons look
VERY good and I prefer the size of the club head. Great review! I am
looking forward to the next video. 

Clay Fleming says:

Great review, I am really looking forward to the comparison. Have you
tested the X2 hot pro irons? I searched for the review, if I am missing it
could someone point me to it?

23pbkallday says:

Euro Trash

blip cat says:

Excellent review…….for me I will stay with my R11 irons for distance
and my RBZ irons for short coarses. IMO the SLDR irons just don’t show
enough improvement overall, for a change. As always excellent videos.

mike hunt says:

Can’t stand TaylorMade they bring out a new iron/driver every few months.

Evan Maisel says:

Were you also planning on comparing to the “older brother” speed blades?
The speed blades probably go further but would be interesting to compare
the other specs since the lofts are different 

superstar10155 says:

Rick, you sold me on the nike vrs covert 2.0, but watching this you may
have changed my mind, I’m playing off 19, would you say the nike or the
sldr irons for the higher handicapper?
I’am going to get fitted but going in with irons in mind helps?

Mark Seed says:

Hi Rick, a back to back test SLDR v. Rocketbladez (not tour) would be
really good.

Logan Hart says:

On one of their interviews TaylorMade said that the SLDR irons would be
between the cb and speedblade in terms of distance.

Bird Man says:

ehhhhhh, Ill stick with my i25’s…………..I was messing with some TM
Tour preferred the other day though, they felt pretty nice

L Hilldo says:

Thanks again for a great review Rick. Will be giving these a hit myself
whenever I get the time.

Vince J says:

Hey Rick nice review. How are the heights and distances with 3-4-5 irons.

Lloyd D says:

I was using 2014 taylormade mc irons and for me the sldr are better 

Lawrence Williams says:

Other than height, are there any advantages over the tp mc irons? These
seem a little bulky especially in short irons.

Stephen Bedford says:

Rick I think you should test a lower launching shaft, KBS Tour is one of
the higher ones in the Fit Cart.

tucker35Ire says:

Could use a heavier shaft to get the flight down. 

Darth Fader says:

Rick- thanks for the review.
Question- what exactly is the difference, performance wise, between these
irons and the speedblades?

Lee Manangan says:

The height tho

Strat TelePaul says:

These are basically the new RocketBladez. I’ll stick with my AP2’s.

tucker35Ire says:

Could use a heavier shaft to get the flight down. 

scottson2 says:

Just for comparison, the rocketbladez 7 iron loft is 30.5 compared to
mizuno jpx4 at 33 degrees. 

Nicholas Topley says:

better than burner 2’s?

Tony Hollway says:

Hi Rick luv your videos, whats more forgiving the cb or sldr and which is
longer? going by your other videos the cb is longer! whats your thoughts? I
live in Australia when I visit England im going to get a lesson from you.

Mox_au says:

I’d love to have seen your review the Apex/Apex pro. Was there any reason
you didn’t do those Rick?

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I hit it weeks ago on demo. Center strikes feel the same as heel/toe and it
just feels dead. I own the TP CB and it is worlds better in terms of feel
and correct launch for the more standard lofts. The SLDR and Speedblades
both have cranked lofts.

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