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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the new TAYLORMADE TP COLLECTION PUTTERS REVIEW at Priaire Sports Village on the new short game area!

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Carter Soto says:

What is the difference between the “Soto” putter and the “Juno” putter?

Mike Cerniglia says:

IMO TM hit a home run with these, I just picked up the Berwick and I’ve never been happier with any putter, I swapped out my Spider Tour for this to be completely honest.
So far in my "collection" I have a Scotty Newport Detour 2.5, TM Spider Tour Red, Odyssey O Works Tank, O Works 2 Ball, and a Ping Sigma G Kushin and the Berwick is by far the most complete putter out of all of them, the True Roll tech is 100% legit and it really does work, I can’t say the same for the O Works line and their Hinge Tech. So soft, forgiving and consistently reliable. This putter will be in my bag for a long, long time.

Gerry Uretsky says:

I agree with you Rick. TaylorMade has done very well with their Pure Roll insert. It seems to impart more top spin than ordinary milled faces. I recently began playing their Juno putter and love it. But, I don't understand why the remainder of the face of the putter is milled since the ball will be struck only by the insert, not the milled metal surrounding it.

BEASTMODE123850 says:

I like the soto blade the best. I have one and they feel incredible.

CG Mat says:

She's a keeper!

Kyle Rhodes says:

Liking all of the putter reviews lately, nice work shifty

Sodthong says:

No 33 inch models is a bit daft….

Truman Gregory says:

Rick, if I want a Taylormade tp collection putter, would you recommend the tp Mullen putter or the tp berwick putter? Also, what type of video would to recommend me to make for golf? Thanks and please get back to me soon.
Sincerely, Truman Gregory

Jason Newhouse says:

I love the look of the juno and soto. Heavier weights available for purchase in March. Can't wait to roll 'em with the 20g's installed!

Simon Palmer says:

Sorry but they are awful looking putters for that price point, plastic looking inserts and its seems to be a 70's retro look which I am not digging at all

Jim Torrance says:

good review as usual Rick.
Not got used to the Nike gear yet, I think I liked the Under armour kit better. Thanks for the comparison on the kit too as it helps when you see the different brands on the same person.

Monty Dodge says:

Don't like the feel of mallet putters but they do make a difference in the putting stats

Just Golf Swing says:

They used to copy callaway with clubs. Now scotty LOL
TaylorMsde can definitely be compared with Samsung

MrBaltch says:

Good example of how putter preference is so subjective, I can't stand mallets, I feel I'll scuff the green with them. Rick feels more secure with them. Keep up the great work!

JUNWEI li says:

using a rife aruba with the milled grooves and the softer feel putters just makes putting a joy instead of the firmer putters ive used in the past

Hugo Kaper says:

Like the putter reviews

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