The 2014 Ryder Cup European Team Room

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All access to the European Team Room.

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Pandemonium Lig says:

Sorry but logically the most curious, funny and even a pure joke there is
to see English and Brits to represente … Europe! O_o LOL

notformebeaky says:

Pandemonium, just how pathetic are you? Banning me from commenting on a
thread. Grow up.
Can’t you even speak English?
Listen. The Ryder Cup is between EUROPE and USA, If you can’t accept that
Britain (and Ireland) are part of the European Union, European Continent
and every other measure of what defines Europe, then that’s your problem,
not mine.

If you don’t think Britain are culturally European then again, I don’t
care, because culture doesn’t define your continental identity. Europe is a
broad mixture of many different cultures, they don’t all have to meet your
criteria, because as far as anyone is concerned, your opinion doesn’t

Britain is in Europe, it is a European country politically, geographically
and culturally.

Sorry if you can’t accept that, but it’s a fact. I’m as European as anyone
from Denmark, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany or Austria.

belljul says:

Hah – I remember being there with my kids playing PS4 where the signing
area is and fussball where the ping pong table was. I think the juke box in
the USA room was originally in the European room, behind the ping pong

Pece17 says:

Go Europe, eh!

DeadPoolSgt says:

If only it was me!

Ryder Cup says:

Inside the European Team room.

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