The BEAUTIFUL St George's Hill – Rick vs Pete – No Gimmes – Part One

The BEAUTIFUL St George's Hill – Rick vs Pete – No Gimmes – Part One


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14 thoughts on “The BEAUTIFUL St George's Hill – Rick vs Pete – No Gimmes – Part One

  1. This course looks really nice!! Great camera resolution!! These videos are totally getting me in the mood to get out there and play!! Definitely one of the next days off I will be playing golf!!

  2. The Berkshire/Surrey/Hampshire sandbelt around London has hundreds of obscenely good golf courses for those who haven't played them……..I'm not going to list them here but if you can afford it treat yourself.Perhaps the best (inland) golf courses in the world…………….

  3. love watching you two battle it out…I do enjoy the banter…can you guys pickup some clip on mics? very difficult to hear when you're away from the camera. cheers!

  4. I don't think you need to speed up the videos. I like seeing hearing the banter at the original pace. It seems more authentic IMO. People can just advance 10 sec on YouTube by tapping twice on the right side of the screen.

  5. Why do you only play match play? On the first hole, Rick could have made a 6 and been 3 back instead of 1-down. Match play is not a good way to prepare for stroke play events. Good content though.

  6. Rick, I completely understand the nervousness around members at nice private courses. Played in a member guest a few weeks back. First day a care free 74, second day with members watching 95 ??

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