We take a look at my updated list of drivers that are around the £100 mark in this very overpriced second hand club market!

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30 thoughts on “TOP 5 BIG BRAND DRIVER'S UNDER £100 IN 2021…

  1. None of these drivers are going to make you play better.However, if you're getting into golf then they're a good starting point and you can build upon your ability in the future

  2. Hey dude,

    Captured a great Titleist 917D3 & 917F based on your advice. (both heads only. $65 & & 46)

    All cuz you said to keep your eyes open for deals for driver/fairway heads only…great tip Simon.

    I'm chasing a Cobra F9 (auction ends tomorrow, $61) & a Callaway GBB Epic Sub-Zero both heads only, of course.

    Thank you again!!!

  3. I got a used callaway xr speed for 89.00 at Dicks and I love it. I'm hitting it about 8-10 yd further on average than my previous driver (TA1) and sometimes 15-18 yd.

  4. I was fitted for a brand new Ping G400 due to the shop trying to up-sell (£300+). Was way beyond my budget so I got a Callaway XR16 second hand for 3x cheaper on the gamble it would be similar in characteristics. It paid off, really good driver and similar results to the Ping I tried.

  5. just checked eBay for the TM M4; 3 years ago I paid £190 brand new, they are going for near that price 2nd hand .. similar to the G20 which I replaced with the M4, they are going for more than I bought for 8 years ago – crazy days. Top vid as always my friend!

  6. Thinking about the XR, I honestly didn't know it was the flagship driver for Callaway. Looking at it, it almost looks like a package set driver.

  7. I notice there's always a supply of brand new Cleveland driver heads on eBay from 2013-2015 ish for around £40 or £50… If you're confident doing it and have a fixed shaft spare you could probably do a lot worse

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