The Best Early Extension Fix Drill In Golf

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The Best Early Extension Fix Drill In Golf
Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 25 Golf Coach shares with you how to fix early extension. Early extension is something that most amateur golfers do in the downswing. It causes major issues with contact and club face control. Watch this video for a great practice drill to stop early extending in your golf swing.
Follow his tried and tested tips straight from his golf academy.
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00:00 most golfers early extend
01:00 skilled players flip
01:25 the early extension fix drill
02:00 using the ground
03:00 on course routine for early extension
03:40 hitting demos
03:50 slow mo hitting demo
05:28 end

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Alistair Davies Golf says:

Thanks for watching the best early extension fix drill in golf. Merry Christmas everyone al

Richard Tabloff says:

Very good tip I’ve never seen before I can’t wait to get to the range and practice this move. Thanks I will let you know I do. Rich.

Ben Jonson says:

Happy Holidays!

Roger Newton says:

It's true. Stand on any practice ground and watch 9 out 10 golfers early extend. You can play a form of golf with a flip but the extension move is really a compression killer (no divots etc) and in general a disaster. Nice lesson, thanks.

Roger Driscoll says:

This seems an excellent drill to avoid early extension and I look forward to giving this drill a try. Thank you for your brilliant and informative videos which are much appreciated.

Kwan Mok says:

Very well presented critical tip – I find this lesson practical, result oriented so much so it’s even inherently motivational! Thank you!

Adam O'Toole says:

Good stuff, this is one I struggle with. Will try it on the range, thanks Al!

Graeme Ross says:

Great drill Alistair, certainly one to try I definitely have this problem.

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