This Makes Hitting Driver So EASY

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In this video, Adam teaches you how to make hitting the driver so easy. The best drivers of the golf ball ensure that their set up at address is perfect. Without the proper set up and ball position, our drives will be offline.

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00:00 Set Up
00:44 Foot Flare
01:47 Clubface Awareness
07:24 Session Recap

24 thoughts on “This Makes Hitting Driver So EASY

  1. Don’t mind what you do next,it’s all gold. Just the set up videos alone transformed my ball striking. Love this channel and your approach to the game. Thank you

  2. I'm a mid 50s golfer who has a body building background and I've been playing 2 yrs. Currently a 14 hc
    My swing thought. It sounds almost like a drink order.
    " Porzak with a full turn"
    It reminds me to hip bump, give blood and turn fully without having a head full of stuff to remember.
    Cheers mate.
    Love your teaching style

  3. Hey Adam I bought the masterclass last week and have been at the range and played a round and let me tell you I’ve been striking the ball much better going through the set up and checkpoints. Feels more consistent and confident that I have your process – even on the bad shots. Would like to see a short game series. I’m a believer!

  4. I love watching your videos. Most of your students are young, strong and very flexible. Just wondering if you can show the swing for a mature player and less flexible and strong that we can relate to???

  5. AP ~ Great stuff, truly enjoy your terrific videos. One of your students mentioned how he learned to hit his wedges various distances using the body location in relation to his hands to during takeaway. I like this version rather than the "clock" method…hip, belly button, chest, shoulders etc…do you recommend carrying a chart "cheat sheet" or simply memorize these distances for each wedge? I carry four wedges and would like to dial in each one this spring for four different distances and trajectory desired, giving me 16 shots or more if going up to my head which isn't recommended with these clubs (adding any additional insight on that). A video showing how two wedges could be used for a certain distance, say for example target 110 yards using a 50 degree to the hip or a 54 to the shoulders would be interesting to learn from and the thoughts behind selecting one over the other. Thanks! ct

  6. "Dude. You hit the last five shots low and left. Hit it more higher and right." (Literally laughing out loud). This is the golf version of Crash Davis being irritated with Nuke LaLoosh on the pitching mound in the movie Bull Durham.

  7. Hi Adam. This question only relevant because pupil hitting driver. Maybe again this is an age thing, but I notice Rory, Tiger, etc. no longer seem to tilt on address, nor does this good swinging young man. I watch a lot of both European and U.S.A. golf, and have never heard a commentator speak of this (to my mind) new address position. I being well on in years still have the old lower right shoulder to assist in upward strike. This new method may have been going on for a good period of time, as most t.v. footage filmed from behind and very little face on. I still use stiff shafts though could go either way now, so this tells my driver swing speed. Should I with this swing speed stay with old method, or be setting up to me what would be a new address. Thanking you in anticipation. (Gordon Scotland)

  8. With a pull hook, how about swinging more around himself and making a better hip backturn?

    It seems like he is dropping his head down and back just a touch.

  9. When a student is consistently hitting a ropey draw like that one after another. All fundamentals good, path is good, but face is persistently too closed to path, when do you consider tweaking the club (moveable weight / lead tape) or adjusting their grip a hair etc ???

  10. First thing I noticed when this video started was how pigeon toed he looked. Wouldn't that restrict his rotation through impact enough that his arms and hands would overtake his body and cause more of a pull hook?

  11. I would love to see a continuation of short game tips & strats, similar to the series with Ian. Specifically from “Short game lesson – SIMPLE TIPS” around the 3 min mark (ball is just short of the green with a back pin. I commented on those vids as well. Talking about when presented with a seemingly straight forward longer chip/pitch shot but there’s SO many diff shots available (vs when your short-sided and there’s virtually only one shot to play). Ian eluded to this in the videos as something he was struggling with too, but it was never covered. Thanks!

  12. @porzak Could you do one discussing why it is that a female golfer was more accurate than their male counter post from every distance!

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