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The £229 Taylormade GAPR 2 Iron gets a full review around the back nine at Burford GC with it being the only club in the bag!
Protracers used throughout!

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Golden Gate says:

I love that shot at 4:30 … Now that is creativity … thanks for sharing !!!!

Ryan C says:

I just hooked up that 100th like you were looking for -good vid

Matthew Boulton says:

Great video, would be good to see a 3 hole video to see if you actually have the massive GAP that Taylormade suggest everyone needs filling with these expensive clubs. I use M4 3 hybrid and M4 3 wood and there has never been a time when i have thought wish i had something that went a bit less but more than my 4 iron. Interested if you would game them? UDI seemed to perform the same for you?

Justin Sayles says:

Which one would you buy? It seems like the UDI has more of a "big boy" shaft in it stock.

gm__golf says:

I think we gotta collab mate!

Mark Sutherland says:

Taylor made spider putter only

danthemanwhocancan says:

That was great!! If you practiced your putting with it a lot you could turn up for a Winter League match with just the one club and have a chance of a sweet win. ?

Top Things says:

Love your vids by the way i don’t know how you are not popular

Top Things says:

Hey could you do a giveaway possibly

Mike Cox says:

Great video-you still score better with one club than I do with a full set!

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