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This weeks swing analysis shows how by changing your golf grip can help you hit the ball further and straighter


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Ben Hulgan says:

Maybe one day. These guys will realize if they would start the illustration of the golf swing sooner. People would watch there entire video. Dang they talk to much

Jacob Streiff says:

So effortless

Hector Flores says:

Why I need a swing analysis? Inconsistency. I am a 15 handicapper but I can have 6 +/- strokes any given time. Even when my drive is in the fairway my second shot usually gets me in trouble.

Alex Pogrmic says:

There are several tips for how to play golf better

Keep fit

Position your feet properly

Learn the correct body posture

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Movie Bloog says:

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peter saxby says:

What a fantastic tip about the grip, wow, i will be trying that very soon, great video, guys

Pera Detlic says:

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Dad man says:

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Rick Pullen says:

With a previous back injury, I'm trying to put a swing back together but I tighten up and start using my arms instead of my body in the swing.

Robert Moylan says:

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Raju Shelar says:

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Thanapol S says:

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vimal menon says:

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Federico Alvarez De la Ballina says:

Porque no se explican en español estos Profesores ?

John Man says:

Think we're do for Andy vs Piers

John Hull says:

Hi, guys. Thanks to your videos and lessons from a local pro, I am striking the ball more consistently than ever. I started playing when I was 15 and I am now 63. And all these years I was breaking my wrist, sort of rolling them and was either wide open at contact (slice) or pulled it way left. I just was real inconsistent. Then I noticed Andy how you swing with your shoulders and your wrists are not even engaged. For the first time in 35 years I can honestly hit a ball with a decent assurance it will go where I want it

Patch Gallier says:

Be better if they spoke slower, and more clearly.

Satte Sache says:

Helped me a lot!!! Thank you (Bruno from Switzerland)

Milan Goranovic says:

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Louis Tumminello says:

Would like to get more distance with the driver. HELP HELP HELP!!!

markjeven says:

Feel good day 1 shoot 73 (join pga) feel good next day shoot 83 (going to quit golf) What is happening ?

Émile Lefebvre says:

come see mathmile golf channel!

Cole Evarts says:

Hey guys,
I am a junior in high school and I have a huge passion for golf. I am a 5 handicap and I’m trying to play golf at the next level. I feel as though I have a really good swing, but i still seem to be a little bit inconsistent. A swing analysis would help me out a ton and I would really appreciate the opportunity!

Fatih Sancak says:

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Adam M. Navarra says:

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denis denis says:

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B Chidanand says:

No replies will be given for any comment or clarification. Learn from watching video which is more talking and talking and little action


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