The Longest 6 Iron EVER!!…This is WAY TOO LONG?! | Titleist T400 Irons

Titleist takes centre stage once again, with the New Titleist T400 Irons. Built for pure distance, these Super Distance Irons are designed to propel the golf ball at greater speeds with a high launch angle.

Alex Etches reviews the Titleist T400 irons to see how they perform in the curved net studio at GolfBox Joondalup.

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Hey Guys, I’m Alex Etches and I’m a golf professional and product reviewer. If you don’t know me, I started playing golf from 10 years old, turned professional at 22 in the UK, and have been creating entertaining and informative golf content on different platforms for the last 10 years. My home is now AUSTRALIA and I hope to take you around some of the best golf courses from down under.

On this channel, you can expect many fun golf reviews and golf videos. From testing out some crazy golf clubs to the latest product releases which include TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and many more…

I also do lots of traveling and will bring you along the journey with me. With Golf Vlogs from the UK, the US, and many other locations it never gets boring on tour with #TEAMAL!

23 thoughts on “The Longest 6 Iron EVER!!…This is WAY TOO LONG?! | Titleist T400 Irons

  1. Lol…for those that are complaining about a huge gap at the bottom of the set ,due to lofts. I don't think clubs like these are aimed at Alex or guys with 100mph plus swing speed with a 6 iron?

  2. Don’t see the point of these super lofted clubs. It’s getting to a point where you will need four 7 irons in your bag in order to be able to gap them. Who are these companies trying to fool with their loftings and where will it end. At this rate they will have a driver with a 7 iron marking on it ?

  3. Okay Alexis You loved the mizuno clubs last week. Manufactures playing with degree of loft six months from now titelist will have new irons coming out that will be better. So find some instruments that you like and play them. Technology is wonderful but it costs you. Peace out brother!

  4. Love the vid. but why on earth does it matter if its a 6 iron or not… its 23 degrees… 260 makes a lot of sense with that swing speed. You could call it a utility iron and we have no video. But we don't want that. We want AL to have fun!!!

  5. This guys videos are pointless….yes, he can kill a golf ball. How does that help the thousands that watch that can't. For the most part he makes these videos just to show himself off, not to help anyone else with instruction, or information to help someone improve.

  6. The PW is 38*. That's crazy. If you want to cover your gaps properly you may need to carry 5 wedges in total.(PW, 44/45*, 50-52*, 54-56*, 60*) I guess it could be feasible if you hit the 5 iron long and good enough that you can cover the gap between your 3W and 5I with just one club.

    Driver, 3W, 5w/4H, 5-9I, 5 wedges and a putter puts you at 14 clubs. So I guess it's feasible but you could be sacrificing alot of potential gapping problems to chase the extra distance. Could be worth it for the right player that really needs help with distance but I think unfortunately many of the people that buy these aren't necessarily that "right player" but instead people that just want to stroke their egos and "out iron" their friends when in reality they would've been better served with weaker lofts.

  7. Great video Al. I'm usually not a big loft guy, a number one the bottom is a reference for you for what club for which distance. However, every once in awhile the "that's not a X iron that's a Z iron!" Thought pops into my head, that was happening at the end and your "who cares?!" put it in perspective again. The fact is even though these are strong lofted, they have the flight and they are stopping.

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