The Loop is the Most Unique Golf Course in America – Fore Play Travel Series, Northern Michigan

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We've been told by many that northern Michigan is a hidden gem when it comes to golf destinations, so we went up there to see what it was about. The Loop at Forest Dunes was our first stop and it exceeded expectations. It is simply one of the coolest concepts in golf and a MUST play.

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DrewMania says:

You guys write apology letters to the grounds crew at each course you tear up right?

Barry McGrath says:

'Links golf at it's finest' – Course Marshall, Checks google maps, Course is no where near the sea… 'merica.

Alex Jones says:

Dude. At 40:15, your feet were fine. Then you kept inching forward and that’s why you didn’t get out. I am typing this before I’ve seen the result btw. Trust the advice you’ve been given by professional golf instructors 😂

Edit: bro come on. “I don’t have one”. You’ve got the club face hooded in a 5ft bunker face. Come on brother. Open that club face. Ball at the front foot.

DrewMania says:

51:02 The editor’s cut right after Frankie’s “yeah see.. wait where’d that go” was the purest gold.

Marco Borrelli says:

I love Trent. I loved trents breaking 100 series, but he just isn’t a good golfer lol no matter how hard he tries and practices I don’t think he’s consistently going to ever produce good golf rounds. Still, Trent daddy is the gift that keeps on giving bringing life to these productions

Joseph Mclean says:

Idk how many times I have to yell at Trent to open up the club face in the bunker lmao

Mr_ Cart says:

Play Good Good!!

The Jersey Ninja says:

How is Trent only getting 24 if he’s barely ever broke 100? Should be getting 27-29 lol

Jason Woodland says:

What a golf shot!!! (kill me…)

Spencer S says:

I wonder if this was like Paynes Valley Riggs goes 4 iron from 222 and when he is short says he didn't catch all of it…

StevoReno says:

wow this took forever to come out lol this was literally 2 months ago love ya boys keep it up

Trevor Rand says:

How did they brush over Rigg’s blood stain 😂

Spencer S says:

I love how Lurch gives the sideways dog head after hitting his ball all the time.

J Smitty says:

LMAO 26 strokes<>!>!>!>!> How the fuck could you ever lose with a guy getting 26 strokes! You could have no arms and still win. Frankie stop hitting putts with a 12 Gauge!

Santtu Mäki says:

Lurch has a great swing.

Jeff Henning says:

40:09… No. Hit backwards at a slight angle so your next shot ISN'T over that same bunker. Need to think outside the box at times

Bennett says:

Still want Trent breaking 90 series.

Daniel says:

Clickbait by having Frankie and Trent on the cover.

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