Why is Lag SO HARD For Golfers? | Plus the Easy Fix

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Bill Golfer says:

while I agree with most of this I think you should have stressed the amount of time it takes for someone who "casts" the club to change that move and learn to lag the club . Chances are they need to fix the path( shallow , which you talked about ) AND learn to lag. That can take weeks to months for someone to change.

Jon Friedman says:

Its so hard because it is very unnatural. It is only learned by pounding thousands of balls on the range and taking lessons…

Tyler Austin says:

You are already relatable, but I like to think of you as Luke Wilson in Old School and before I know it 90 minutes have passed! Joking aside, your approach to teaching has helped my understanding more than I could have hoped for. This video in particular has made something that has plagued my nightmares easy to understand and feel. Thank you Sir!


Clay, it's so clear and useful, just amazing !!
Thank you so much.

Keith Simpson says:

Clay, I been swinging with the lag you have been showing with good results. I video taped my swing and my left hand would be in front of my right leg with club shaft horizontal. Making solid impact and straight shots but not getting the distance I think I should. Actually having to one club up for my shots. Have you got any pointers that would help me?

RangeRAT says:

Golf is like being a Jedi, you gotta start as a kid!
I just went to the range for the first time in 3 years and I was crushing balls out the park with me Titleist 905s! I don’t have to practice because I started when I was 11!

Mike Rodrick says:

Hi Clay; I don't have a problem creating lag or holding it. My issue is where to release it. Is it at impact or after? My strikes are inconsistent & sometimes fat. Is that due to early release? Thanks.

Domenic Morfea says:

I have been working on my iron shot for a while now, Your explanation Clay is fantastic, After watching your video I have adjusted my swing to create more lag and have never hit the ball so solid and long and of the centre of the face so consistently , thanks heaps great video.

Peter says:

Clay, I have been enjoying your video as a novice. I am working on compression and lag and wondering if you would display on your tracking system the attack angle. I find it very useful in my training and it would be interesting to see what yours are for each shot. Thanks for your consideration.

john kardelis says:

what happened to the video with your feet at 45degrees and teaching u tilt

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