The Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test | Trackman testing & comparison

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There have been several exciting new #game-improvement irons that have been introduced to the golf market at the start of 2020, so we figured it was the perfect time to conduct our Ultimate Game-Improvement #Iron #comparison. In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and staff writer Drew Mahowald test several game-improvement iron options — some that have just been released and some that have been highly successful over the course of the last year or so — against each other using #Trackman 4 technology. They also offer their feedback about the different models as it relates to look, sound, and feel, while also breaking down all the numerical data. Included in our Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test are the #Titleist #T300, #PING #G410, #PING #G710, #Srixon Z #585, #Callaway #Mavrik,# Callaway #Mavrik Max, #TaylorMade #SIM Max, #TaylorMade #SIM Max OS,# Mizuno #JPX 919 Hot Metal, and# Cobra #SpeedZone.

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Joe Allen says:

i love your channel but given game improvement clubs are for people that don’t hit the sweet spot every time or have perfect swing paths etc what does this tell us?

Samuel Quinn says:

id like to see a review where a beginner golfer is used to review

k says:

If you teach us how to nail dead center of the screen all day like Thomas we could play with rusty old 1960's blades.

Seve Sellors says:

Great review good to see so many models keep them coming. What about the Cobra T rail versus the Wilson Launchpad and Cleveland HB Turbo. What difference against the best super game improvement traditional irons?

Nitewolf Music says:

Can these “game improvement “ irons hinder you game improvement since you can consistently hit the ball off center and not pay a real penalty for it ??

Audit The Fed says:

no wilson D7 test??

Robert Gardner says:

Very nice quality of test, but Question: How is this testing the forgiveness of game improvement and super game improvement irons when the guy hitting them is basically flushing almost every shot on the sweet spot of the face? As an example, looking at the Srixon Z85, how the heck is a club with that thin of a top line and that narrow of a sole a game improvement iron? With that narrow of a sole in particular a high handicapper will likely be digging that thing into the ground hitting fat shots constantly if they are really a high handicapper IMO.

Tim Reed says:

All 7 irons?

Glenn Birtwistle says:

This guy is so consistent….is he a robot?

okolekahuna says:

Wholy smokes…the Maverik's "7 iron" loft is the same as my Mizuno MP5 "5 iron".


Great video guys

Phoenix says:

Hmm, in the other video you tested Srixon Z585 as a Player Distance iron and in this video it is a game-improvement iron
Which category it really belong?

HH says:

Nice video, though if you take that long for every shot, I'd hate to play a round with you!

Joaquin Borromeo says:

I always wonder why people testing game improvement irons aren’t the ones who need game improvement irons. I have never seen anyone who needed GI irons hit a 7 iron 200 yards. Maybe you should use a weekend hacker who can barely break 80. If said hacker hit those irons 200 yards without changing his/her swing then you can call them game improvement irons.

munnjean says:

Unless every ball is hit with a machine the numbers mean nothing ,,

Ry M. says:

Thomas is roasting the ball!

Sean Peacock says:

Bought the Mav Max this year. 63 years old, 7 handicap. Coming from Calloway x22 Tour. I’m getting older and just wanted to find the sweet spot a little easier and l little distance help.
First three games had to get over the SGI look with the big top line and offset.
Second three games……hmmmmmm….these might work out.
After…….oh baby!
Once I started hitting them with confidence my distance control was fantastic, proximity to pin on approach shots was 33% better and rarely hit a big offline shot.
Handicap is now 5.5. ??

David Oakes says:

Interesting, I'm a mid-high H/C player, so these are kind of aimed at me perhaps, but why would I want to hit a PW 160 instead of 120? I don't want to have to carry 5 wedges. No thanks.

Isaac Max says:

How do I get a swing like that? ?

Andrew Wolf says:

i remember the last time i got fitted was 2007, and at the time i was considered a long ball hitter, and i hit my 7 iron 162 carry lol and driver 286 average. But after a 2011 injury i quit golf for 6 years. I think it may be time to take golf seriously again !!!! wish me luck

Brad Ganz says:

Prov 1 x no high handicap player should be playing those balls wtf.

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