GOLF DRIVER SET UP MISTAKES That stop you Hitting Better Tee Shots

Mark Crossfield is talking golf driver mistakes that you should not make if you want to hit better golf tee shots. Golf professional Mark Crossfield is sharing some easy to follow golf tips that help your golf driver game and help you improve your tee shots driver game. When it comes to hitting better tee shots making sure you are not making silly easy to avoid set up mistakes might just allow you to lower your scores and hit more balls in play. Watch and learn how your golf set up effects your golf swing. Mark talks about golf driver setup position and how you could be losing shots with some simple set positions that encourage poor tee shots. If you are struggling with your driver slicing or you can not strike your golf driver this is the golf video for you. Mark talks about golf driver shoulder tilts and how they can influence your club path.

Get your driver set up working for your golf game with Mark Crossfield's simple and easy to follow golf lessons.

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25 thoughts on “GOLF DRIVER SET UP MISTAKES That stop you Hitting Better Tee Shots

  1. Solid video on cause and effect!! The slightest alterations have a huge effect on the outcome of a shot. Good and BAD! Inside the left heel or even slightly back should be the ticket. Never forward of that. It makes a player lunge and cut across the ball. Your fine video emphasizes this beautifully.

  2. Some drivers are setup with a slightly closed face forcing the hands slightly in front of the clubface or even with the ball. How do you compensate for that?

  3. Not really sure how I pull it off but one time after a few beers and always failing with my driver I decided to play my driver with the ball WAY out in front like you showed in your example. The inside of my thumbs are both on either side of the grip respectively and it almost seems the harder I swing the straighter it goes??‍♂️. I don’t question it and smash away. I have since kept that grip for the rest of my irons (except ball position is more in the middle) and they have slowly improved. The only clubs I can’t really do that with are my hybrids, they seem to leak left on me. Great video as always thanks.

  4. Golf swing- 60/40, straight left arm, no gaps under your armpits, turn your shoulders around (do not swing the club back) so your left shoulder is under your chin and pointing at the ball while keeping your head still in the circle. Do not raise up your shoulders and head.

  5. To me, this was one of your more helpful instructional videos. Saw myself in the "ball forward " stance. Although when I overdo it I get a hook not a slice.

  6. Hi Mark. Love this video. Hitting drives 40% right and that's improving. I have been at a loss on what to do next. You might have cracked it for me ?

  7. Really well explained and visually easy to follow video, love videos like this. 1 point I would of liked to have seen, was if the ball position was more to the middle! I think I struggle with this and I keep hitting my ball left of the tee or towards the top of my face in a choppy action and wondered if that was the cause. Great video and would love your advice on that point if your able. Many thanks ?

  8. Also like those Pink teepegs, because they guarantee constant tee height. Heard by some folks (bette golfers than me) that the height of this pink ones were too low? What's your opinion?

  9. I had a few month stretch I was bombing straight drives like 230 yards (for my size that's pretty decent I think) but now I've lost 75 yards and slice every drive right or hook left to right….I just cant fix it 🙁 🙁

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