This Move Makes The GOLF SWING SO EASY | How To Hit Your Irons Consistently | ME AND MY GOLF

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This Move Makes The GOLF SWING SO EASY | How To Hit Your Irons Consistently – This was an interesting lesson with Claire because her golf swing was really good. However there was just one move that was causing her to swing over the top. The tips we provided in this lesson made a huge difference by getting her golf swing on plane and put her in a much better position to strike her irons more consistently.

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David Muchicko says:

Literally just had a lesson on Thursday and learned this exact drill. Working on turning my hips more and getting my lower body more involved in the shot.

Matt Cristino says:

Good lessson, difference was noticable

Fatlad08 says:

Brilliant video !!! that is my back swing fault but with a early hip extension on the down swing !! well done Claire lovely to watch the results ?

Steve B says:

Nailed it with this one, takes a bit of getting used to regards weight transfer, but the single biggest issue for me is body rotation and this is the solution.

John Gibson says:

Excellent simple lesson, guys. Claire is clearly a decent golfer and a great student ?
As someone else has mentioned, the freedom of hip movement has created extra turn overall so she’s now swinging too long. Shortening the swing now will (IMV) help with control. Time to unleash her inner Jon Rahm ?

Amazing Jelly says:

Thanks SO much I had so much problem with my irons!

kangham says:

Good lesson.

Dan Benedict says:

What in the world is in that tree in the background?

Steve Olander says:

Really like these lesson type vids. Get so much out of them. Clair has some swing speed as well. Loved it!

Glen Carter says:

Thanks lads, great video, enjoyed the format.

Shane Deel says:

She didn’t hit any fat. 75 percent of my shots are fat digging the ground

Shane Deel says:

Man I think she is great! My path average is 9 degree left but I still hit straight somehow

Andy Reece says:

Great video, and probably your dream student and transformation !

mo Syd says:

Should her right leg be so locked at the top though? Won’t that cause issues shifting weight on the downswing ?‍♂️

John Hill says:

The switching audio back and forth is really nice. I've noticed it in a few of your videos. Helps stop talking over each other. Nice tutorial.

Grant Hodges says:

Great advice guys, I’m guilty of this exact move that you’ve just corrected in this lesson. It’s amazing the difference in ball path when I remember to start the take away with the hips first and not the arms. ????

Terry Matsufuji says:

Excellent video. Good swing Claire.

Gordon Winstanley says:

Really great seeing proper golf lessons guys keep up the good work??

John H says:

Title sounds like one from Danny Maude ?

Margie Pargie says:

Lovely swing Claire!!!

Margie Pargie says:

Finally a video on how to use the hips and body no arms!!!

Robert Edwards says:

Spot on guys. Really good coaching

Robby Hamblen's Cringe Golf says:

Nice work Claire!

Stuart Cameron says:

That’s similar to my swing. In moving the hips it’s straightened her right leg to locking point at the knee. In her after swing face on she still arches her back towards the target also on the backswing she is very flat and Andy says that’s not important it’s the downswing that counts contradicting himself. She stiffs one before they give advice so I wonder if the lesson really did help or not?‍♂️

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