Throw the Clubhead for Longer Drives

Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA take you through the Mike Austin golf swing philosophy of pivoting under and throwing the crap out of the clubhead freely without impedance.

If you can skip a stone, you can hit a 300 yard drive! This can only be done in the golf swing if you start from a throwing position with the right arm free away from the ribcage, not packed in. Once the body is in position, the release of the clubhead whips through with incredible acceleration.

I cover every small detail of this motion in my step-by-step video tutorial. Check it out here:

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8 thoughts on “Throw the Clubhead for Longer Drives

  1. here is the problem from a students' perspective: The motion with the right hand throwing the ball is not the same
    wrist motion with the club….one is an around motion and the other is an over motion…..which one do we actually try and do??
    Thanks, Gary

  2. Steve, Since I am a visual learner I think if you would show more with the club in hand, and how this works in actual swings. Love the lessons and have been working on these concepts in my swing. Long time Austin and Dunaway viewer and Jerry from another site. Thanks, Jim

  3. Steve You and Jerry do a super job demonstrating Mike Austin teachings. Bummer for me your on the west coast. I live in New Hampshire. By luck do you know anyone who teaches over here

  4. Hi guys really enjoy the video just a point for me to fully understand I'm kind of confused between your video with the hula hoop and Mike dunaway's rotating plane video where it looks like he turns more with the hula hoop. Can you please clarify?

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