Tiger Woods Final Round PGA Championship 2012

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MurphySG24 says:

1:24 would have been a little tiger chunk if this was 2015

06aikens says:

Man Faldo chats so much shit it actually hurts.

God of War says:

5:50 Nick Waldo, “a 9 iron just doesn’t fly”. Well said, lol

Jason Olds says:

Why do people shout “get in the hole” when the player is hitting a

Paul EJ says:

The birdie attempt on the 18th is very interesting. He does something he
VERY VERY RARELY did from 1997-2009….he picks the putter up and very
slightly outside the line on the way back……he used to keep the putter
much LOWER to the ground and STRAIGHT back

TheRobandAaronShow says:

I like your video’s man. Good stuff. Keep them coming!

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