Tiger Woods : Mind control subject

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Monkey Boy says:

Similar with Richard Williams, former military. Venus and Serena are transgender, probably mk ultra too.

Ben Tetzlaff says:

What documentary is this? What's it's title?

Robbie Johnson says:

What a load of old shit

Professor Hamamoto says:

Thass wild! "Smokestack Lighting" by Howlin' Wolf.

Manifesting Maren says:

poor tiger 🙁 ppl don't know the deep understanding of mk ultra mind control.it starts practically from birth and they are traumatized tortured and sexual and physically abused in order to split the mind into different personas.. poor guy prolly got raped from age 3 and up his whole life 🙁 sick sad world we live in.

Cookie4XO says:

I was always suspicious of Kobe also. I remember his rookie year they said he insisted on his own locker room, didn't socialize w other players, etc., that's how they love their mind controlled slaves. Isolated.

raceyboy says:

Woods isn't black or human. The master of the most boring game known to man is a personality-less cyborg.

miamiorlando1 says:

they don't deserve the recognition or the wins….just a set up….period.

miamiorlando1 says:

i don't watch golf now that Tiger is not winning…the rest of these guys are boring…period. none of them have played to Tiger's level..the

miamiorlando1 says:

and by the way…go look at some of tiger's shots…no-one can play like this. he is the greatest to ever play the game. he is probably being paid to lose or being told he can't win tournaments..probably threatening someone's life or something stupid….

miamiorlando1 says:

ur an idiot. i guess jack nicolas was hypnotized too, arnold too and anyone else…tiger worked very hard to realize his potential…u stupid folks look for anything to try and discredit the man's performance…if this were true…several white players would have been programmed u idiot. go die in a hole freaks..

FractalLounge says:

No but they could make the other contestants lose, or rig it somehow with technology maybe maybe not

Am says:

the illuminati can't help you win golf tournaments…

FractalLounge says:

Maybe Tiger was made famous by Illuminati so people would be conditioned to accepting blacks in number 1 positions prior to 2008 elections. This was to help Obama to be accepted as president, then Tiger was brought back down after. They look the same, just look at the photo of them together in the white house. Also the years match up…it's a possibility but I'm not stating it as a fact, just my opinion…

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