Titleist vs Callaway Full Bag Challenge | Which One is Better?

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Is the Titleist bag with the TS3, T200 Irons and Vokey SM8 Wedges better or is the Callaway bag with the Mavrik Sub Zero, Apex Pro Irons and Mac Daddy 4 Wedges the best bag?

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My Gear List
60 Wedge Vokey SM8 Bounce 8 Degree M Grind
54 Wedge Vokey SM8 Bounce 12 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM8 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
46 Wedge Vokey SM8 Bounce 10 Degree F Grind
Callaway Apex Pro Forged 4 – 9 Iron
Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero – Driver 9.0
Callaway Mavrik -5 Metal 18 Degree
Odyssey Stroke Lab Rossie – Putter 33″
Ball – Callaway Chrome Soft

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JGFowler121 says:

It looks like as the round went on you looking better with Callaway

Channel of glory says:

You should play another 9 with the clubs you picked as your favourite vs the ones you left out to see how they compare score wise

Pagne Daman says:

That looks like a pretty tough course. Narrow fairways, lots of trees. Beautiful, that's for sure.

Ray Yarberry says:

Any advice for a brand new player to look for a set?

FoxAcresFarm says:

Titleist vs Callaway hard choice but imma have to go with TaylorMade

Getme34 Gaming says:

It isn’t really fare because you never no how you could be playing compared to him

4878 West Texas says:

Just like my bag… good mix of Callaway and Titleist!!!

Thangapandy Govindarajoo says:

The head cover nowadays looks very cheap and hideous

K9 388 says:

It’s all marketing and endorsements. Irons haven’t changed for ever and woods have pegged out on technology…..trust me 2k won’t help….

Daniel Gregson says:

After I saw you ping that flagstick I’m just gonna go ahead and order that MD 4 ?

Untckd says:

Winner of this goes against a full back of TaylorMades? Sim woods/hybrid(?) with P760 irons and MG2 wedges?

MTDY 7 says:

Bro you are so pro titliest ??

Bryan Kerr says:

You played 10-20 rounds with these clubs before making a review? Hmmm

Jacques Struyf says:

I callaway ?

theedog DJ says:

I loved the video and some of the shots were just ?. But about aiming. There were many times where you made me bit confused as I noticed you aiming a bit to the right. As 14:40 shows where you noticed the mistake. Im glad you noticed it too ?

Tony L says:

Do a Titleist and Taylormade

Trevor Mason says:

Just wish I could afford either set ?. Still playing my 2011 AP2’s

Andrew Wolf says:

i will say , you having the T200 and apex pro makes little sense. Should’ve gone T200 vs Apex CF19 , or T100 vs Apex pro

Andrew Wolf says:

i’m glad i saw this video, i’ve had only ping and titleist in my bag for 17 years. I recently decided to go to callaway irons i think in the apex pros , and now i’m all confused what to do. I like the p790 and apex as well but they just cause too much gapping , lofts are too low , i don’t need my 7 iron catching 210 yard fliers out the rough

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