Titleist T200 Irons | My Favorite Irons Yet? | Full Review

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Titleist T200 Irons: I have been reviewing a lot of golf clubs so far, and have a ton more to review, including all the new irons, drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids that are being released here in 2021. Of all the irons I have reviewed thus far, the leaders in the clubhouse to go in my bag are the TaylorMade P770's. Could the Titleist T200 irons replace them as the new leader to go into my bag? Watch this review to find out!

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel Golf Blog! My name is Matt Williams. I'm an amateur golfer that has only been playing golf consistently for a few years now. Last year I was about an 18 handicap. I was a 16 handicap to start 2020, and now am down to an 8.3. I started this golf channel for a variety of reasons. 1.) To show viewers what I am doing and working on as I continue my quest to hopefully become a scratch golfer one day. 2.) To review golf clubs/equipment to give people a club review from an amatuer mid-handicap perspective. 3.) To share my ever-growing passion for this beautiful game we call golf. 4.) To just have a ton of fun on the golf course! I sure hope you find all my content useful, helpful, but most of all….. entertaining!


Stranger Encounters says:

This was so fun to watch. Love the "average" perspective. I ordered these a week ago and I can't sleep now haha

Johnny Hicks says:

At last someone who realizes we all don't hit the ball like a pro when doing club reviews.

hidde de voogt says:

I was a 11 handicap 5 years ago and am going to start playing again. I've ordered the T200's in the hope I will be able to play them with some practice, but also from handicap 10 and down.

Bill Uransel says:

Did you mention what shafts you were using in this review?

Steve Dietrich says:

I'm taking it that you liked these? 🙂 Still your favorite?

kobe dario says:

I like Fidd's. Got my irons there.

HWY 13 says:

Nice review. I was a 18 handicap 2 years ago, got fitted for Titleist AP1’s and as of this year, I’m a 7 handicap. (Lessons, practice and play). Have recently decided to go with the T 200’s, seemed like the logical next step based on my progress. I ordered them using the same specs as before….which are perfect for my size (6’3) and swing.

Hoping these will turn out to be just as good as I’ve heard and read.

Marc Herzog says:

You said it clubs are subjective.. I just purchased the JPX21 Forged after testing the Titleist T200 as well as many others .. loved the forged and performed well for me. T200 were not good for me feel is bad and sound is terrible IMO. But that’s why golf clubs are specific to every golfer. Cool to see a PNW YouTuber golfer on here.

Jacob Mann says:

How would you compare these to the 921 Forged?

Paul Gore says:

Hi mate,
I tested the t200 also,didn't go to good for me, ordered the p770 looking forward to receiving them,can't wait to get back out on the course as UK golf courses are closed till march?

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