Titleist TS2 v TS3 v 917 I Driver Test I Golf Monthly

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►Neil Tappin tests the new range of Titleist drivers – the TS range – against the previous generation 917 driver. Has the performance improved?

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PEG Team says:

The new smash factors take it beyond the legal limit don't they? I thought 1.50 was absolutely perfect, yet you got 1.52 and 1.54 on some of the TS tests? Sounds a bit odd to me??

Paul Stewart says:

Always had Titleist drivers. Last new one bought was the 915 but now own a 913. Getting fitted next week and I’m hoping for a TS3 but may end up with something totally different. Titleist are like the Apple of the golf world. They just work.

Matt S says:

had a 907, loved it. Have a 912, and ended up switching to taylormade. thinking of making the switch back

mojopa01 says:

I am using the 917 D2. I am very happy with the Driver!!!! But I can understand the point about the fitting… Mine has been fitted at the National Fittingcentre and I must admit I would never have gotten the Driver in the Specs I've got (D2, Loft 8.5, A1, 8 Gramm Fade weight, Shaft Diamana S+ 60 Dialead, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 plus one more layer of Tape) it works great but it took some time to find the right one….

Max Caysey says:

Your smash factor cant go above 1.5! That's better than the best on the pga tour! Something is definitely off here!

Mike Eastridge says:

I had 3 different Titleist drivers over the years, I still use Titleist 915 D2, (didnt like 917). considering TS2 or TS3.

Jon Sanchez says:

My 917 D2 is a huge disappointment. My golf partners are 20+ yards longer than me. Titleist should provide a significant discount to trade up.

Kurt Cicilioni says:

You are launching the old driver 2 degrees lower.. seems more like swing more then performance..

My Nigga says:

Do anybody on the Planted earth say what shaft they use these days dammm REG OR STIFF is that hard gessssssssssssss

Corey Vaillancourt says:

I have and still use the 915 D2. With the 915 lower strikes on the face seem to do pretty well, better than most other drivers I’ve tried. I was fitted for the 917 D3 and it took awhile but after the performance was about the same as my 915. Actually my 915 was a little bit better numbers wise even though I had my longest carry with the 917 D3. It seems like Titleist is reverting back to their 915 series in appearance and are trying to push their limits in ball speed etc.. That doesn’t mean more distance just the ability to keep your distance steady over a period of time. Good for Titleist ??

S C says:

I have few Titleist Drivers 915D2 , 917D2
I like the quality of the drivers and sound fantastic and good feels as well and most importantly is dispersion . ?

Mitch 1977 says:

I’m still gaming my 917d2 even flow blue. I’m sure I’ll go to the newer one next. Have always hit Titleist drivers. Just a matter of time until I snag the next one. Nice vid!

Sam Carrsy says:

Use 917 D2 – no question I was lacking distance and thinking of moving to Taylormade. This is making me second guess.

my3rotts says:

I had the 917 now I have the TS2, big difference, feel distance

Jacob McCain says:

I'm still playing the 913D2. Bought a premium shaft and haven't found anything that's long enough to give up the dispersion I get with it. That being said I'm giving the TS a go today.

Milton Taylor says:

I like the review. I did notice the extra length and the accuracy as well. That was my big catch with the 917. It was so accurate. I to prefer the TS3 for the very same reason you discuss..

Bill Bel says:

Have the 917D2, tried it with the Tensei & Diamana shafts (same flex) & the Diamana gave me better distance & control. If I was going to buy a new one, I would go with the TS3, as I believe it can be dialed in better…

SilverfoxThe says:

I've had a lot of Titleist drivers. A 975D, 975J, 905T, 909 D2 and 913 D3. I loved them all. I'm very interested in a TS (possibly a TS3) and am booked for a fitting soon. I'm looking forward to seeing if it can beat my current gamer, but I'm not looking for outright distance. More a combination of looks, feel, distance and workability. Not necessarily in that order!!

Graham Rolton says:

Thanks for this detailed and helpful video. I used both the 913 D2 before upgrading to the 917 D2. Now, 11 yds looks like a useful gain as it would probably result in a club less going into a green. However, was the extra distance mainly due to the head on the slightly lighter and longer shaft?

Keith Finley says:

At 95 mph they perform as well as anything, since 905R (except 907 D1 and 909 DComp)

aaron peacock says:

I still have my 975J from 12 years ago and love it. Although I will be replacing it with a TS 2 or 3

John Anderson says:

I recently dropped my old m2 for the 917d2 in order to hit more fairways. I didnt lose any real noticeable distance. I think the blue evenflow shaft on it is pretty solid.

Bandit Baker says:

Back in the day I got fitted for a 913 D2 with a 45" Diamara Blue shaft, which served me well for several years (although it always felt "heavy"). I then moved to a PING G30 SFTec and I'm now in a PING G400 MAX. I love the forgiveness of the MAX whilst being really long.
The TS range would have to offer something pretty substantial in terms of distance and accuracy to persuade me to part with £500. In all the reviews I have seen when you scrape away the BS, the gains have been pretty modest.

Pranav R says:

Titleist clubs are most common in Asia and while i don't game on i never liked the sound of the old range too loud and i felt it was more a precision based club and i myself being a decent fader of the golf ball found it harder to control the curvature. Having seen videos of the TS range, the sound appears more solid and a bit more pleasant

Howie Land says:

I've never tried a Titleist driver, because of the high price and the perception in the past that they weren't for average golfers.

Jack Steel says:

I have the d2 917 and it hits pretty much all the criteria in terms of spin flight and forgiving but in terms of distance it lacks major I had a Wilson staff fg tour driver that easily hit 10-15 yards further

Stuart Longair says:

I like my 913 D3 though not longest yet

stu says:

Much more charismatic person on this vlog.

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