Titleist TS3 vs. Taylormade SIM // 2020 Fairway Wood Bracket

We did the bracket draw by random selection and two of the early favourites are meeting in the first round!

0:00 Bracket Draw
2:43 Off the Deck
4:47 Off the Tee
7:02 Results

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

25 thoughts on “Titleist TS3 vs. Taylormade SIM // 2020 Fairway Wood Bracket

  1. When testing do you measure "actual loft"—vs stated loft—on these heads? Unless you know what actual lofts are these comparisons are next to useless, really. I mean, even if you do, one specific copy of heads, ten human shots each, less-than-a-degree or a-few-hundred-rpm differences are almost meaningless right out of the gate, but if you don't know the actual lofts, then all bets are off, imo.

  2. CG low and back on fairway wood is a winner for most amateurs, I was glad it held up with the SIM, love the tech vs tech. PS low and back CG is why I still have my Cobra Fly Z 3/4 fairway wood in the bag, but I'm always looking for the next best thing. Good videos guys, thanks.

  3. @ TXG Tour Experience Golf. Not sure if this is possible but I had an idea for one of your educational videos. Better golfers I play with seem to have more skill in discerning where a miss-hit occurred through sound alone. Often in your videos, even before the foresight analysis page appears, you comment that a strike sounded 'high on the face' for example more so with woods I think. Maybe I'm struggling with this as an 8 hcp because I'm playing game improvement irons (less feel maybe?) and Driver strike is sometimes challenging. On course I can tell thins and centre strikes easily however, sometimes when no obvious mark is left I can't tell what happened. Thanks for the continued great content!

  4. Can you guys do a video addressing grip pressure? Possibly compare the differences between too tight of a grip (squeezing too hard), too loose of a grip and the right amount of squeezing the grip? Would be very interesting to see the results.

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