Top 5 Golf Tips to Save Strokes on the Course!

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In this video I give you my top 5 stroke saving golf tips. How do you shoot lower scores? It's not always by making more birdies, sometimes you just have to know how to save a shot here and there. Then you can start to see lower scores. Be sure to check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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Joseph Gutierrez says:

i love it…were not brooks koepka. thats awesome and so true! liking your channel!

Greg Herman says:

Wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate your incredibly positive and helpful instruction. I’m a huge fan and appreciate the time and effort you put in to help us all play better. Thank you!

Mark Pratt says:

What course are you playing?

Joe Whitt says:

No more hero golf.

Tom Piscitelli says:

quick greens lol

peter sydney says:

my best tip to save a shot is on the putting surface. Always look behind the flag to see if the slope falls or rises. If it falls putt easier but if it rises the you can go for a firmer putt without risk of it running away down a slope . ??

shawn michajluk says:

For the second tip (Know the slope), I would also add "and distance of the putt". I walk the putt to see how far it is, then think about how much I have to hit it. I count in my head "One" or "One Two", etc. when I take the putter back and then hit it. If I know a putt goes 4 yards after a count of "One", then I know to count to three if I am 12 yards away. I also found that keeping my body still during my shots helps keep the ball straighter towards by alignment.

Kyle Williams says:

This is one of most simple but beneficial golf tip videos I have come across thank you i know this will save me at least 5 strokes next round.

Vikas Kale says:

can you also suggest on what to do when you take a drop? you already loose a stroke or two when its OB so what should we do? put it back on fairway again and be conservative?

Vikas Kale says:

this is great advice!

rotarybone says:

I started today triple 7. Bogey 6. Bogey 4. Then went on to shoot 79. Golf is funny

Mark Sarookanian says:

Solid video. Excellent thoughts about course management.

Arnold Vongvirath says:

I save 10 stroke the way you show, awesome

Charles Reding says:

Love Your Style of teaching!

Matt says:

New to the channel. Subbed yesterday.. I love the vids so far. I nearly died of laughter at 8:20. “We make 14 from here.” That was hilarious.

Fred Stafford says:

Thanks for the tips!! Definitely will lower my scores.

Allen Wright says:

Matthew Wolff, You like his motion and action. You picked him.

Mike Cline says:

“You don’t get lucky in golf. You know you’re gonna hit a cactus. You aren’t brooks Koepka. Just get out of trouble”

Mike Cline says:

Some classic course management tips. Thank you for these great reminders.

But man to man…be honest…how much coffee did you have that morning? ? Love the energy

Robert Tipton says:

I love your videos they really help out and make a lot of sense.Please keep them coming!


Nice smoke machine; u should have hidden a ball in the hole..then voila

Z. Muhammad says:

“We can make a 14 from here.”
????? Hilarious!!!!

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