Top Forgiving Irons 2022 ?

Fact-based and tested 3 Top Forgiving Irons of 2022

Including the highest MOI, we have ever seen in an iron head ?

In this episode of Club Explorers, we break down the 3 most forgiving irons of 2022 and who each iron might work best for.

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19 thoughts on “Top Forgiving Irons 2022 ?

  1. Callaway calls the Rogue irons their longest ever because the loft on the 8 iron is actually the loft you typically see on a 7 iron. So you should compare the Callaway 8 iron against the Ping 7 iron.

  2. Absolutely disgusting! If you are trying to sell yourself to old ladies this video will work. Otherwise dress appropriately for the subject at hand. ? are disgusting.

  3. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo MOI is 2908 and Cleveland Launcher XL MOI is 3081. Have you tested them yet? Would love to see how they compare to the 3 above.

  4. Would have liked to see the TaylorMade Stealth and Cleveland Launcher XL in the test since I have them on my short list. I did add the Ping G425, just not a fan of the design but worthy of a try I suppose. As much as I do love Mizuno and play the JPX EZ right now, I need something more forgiving. Well done though and helpful information.

  5. Get someone who really needs these irons and let them try them and give opinions. Yours is a waste of time you don't have our issues. Sorry but that is the truth.

  6. Interesting to see the G425 has the highest MOI out of all irons you’ve tested. My gamers are 2019 Titleist T-200’s which I was custom fit for in May 2021. Do you have a listing of MOI’s of all irons, especially My T-200’s which have very good forgiveness yet when hit off center I get a clunky loud cracking noise. On center hits are soft and feel great with their forged face.

    I’m thinking of going Mizuno JPX 921 forged for my next set of irons if I decide to change my T-200’s next year

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