US PGA Championship Special – FT Jason Day Swing Analysis

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Welcome to The Monday Night Golf Show where we look back at The USPGA Championship at Whistling Straits and analyse the swing of the incredible Jason Day. We also discuss our new channel and answer your questions!

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BassasaurusRex says:

I 'get' why TaylorMade and Callaway pump out tons of variants. We all have that friend who is a mid to high handicapper who blames the club all day. They toss out their club and move on to another on a seemingly weekly basis.
They're also usually the friends who will only buy the 'high end' stuff (like TM and Callaway). Those two companies basically prey on those kinds of people. I say 'prey' because if we are honest, most of these drivers are basically re-skins of other sister models. I don't blame them for doing it though.
I honestly think the Titleist model of production is the best. One low handicapper model and one mid-high handicapper model every 2 years. Done. It's no mistake or happenstance that their drivers are consistently excellent. It's also why their drivers are more expensive but it is the tradeoff that is made between the TM/Callaway model and the Titleist model of production.

avp802 says:

I like the club waggle Jason uses as well. He keeps the club connected to his belly button during the movement, and I'm guessing he does it to give the pre-shot sensation of staying connected in the takeaway. It's one of the more subtle aspects of his game that I've tried to incorporate into my own (with pretty good results. mind you).

Sean Davies says:

Hi Pete, sorry to bother you I'm using a r15 driver just bought it off the Internet I had the sldr430 which was spinning very low now. The r15 460 is ment to be low spinning but I still balloon it up? could you give me a tip on how to hit the lower spinning drive… I've tried to change my swing by presenting less dynamic loft but still doesn't work thanks Sean.?⛳

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Feb/13 R1
Aug/13 SLDR
Taylormade certainly brought out "a few" variations of the SLDR:

SLDR white
SLDR mini
SLDR 430
SLDR Ladies
SLDR S Ladies

parallel to that Jetspeed in all its variations
Jan/15 R15 + Aeroburner

TM certainly started revving up the release cycle so others felt obliged to follow that. So now it even feels that the 2 year SLDR product cycle is a long time. But ok it's a revolutionary product (low spin high launch) it "deserves" to live longer than 6 months. R 15 is basically just a refinement of the SLDR – let's see how long it has got to live…

Their marketing feels obnoxious and loudmouthed. Customers who plunk down a lot of money for the newest driver feel outdated even before the season is over. Resell value is down too due to the many releases. Customers get confused.

Now TM had declining sales since 2012 and it seems they'd tried to counter that with more and more products combined with agressive marketing, but to no avail. R15 and Aeroburner are not selling well which is really bad for turnover and profits as drivers are the biggest moneymaker for manufacturers. (Jason Day's win might help that though.)

Now that competitors such as Callaway have copied TM's strategy of swamping the market with drivers it seems TM can't tame the beast it has created.
As of Aug/15 Adidas is looking to sell TM.

Roy Kullick says:

Can't wait to follow u guys on your quest!

Justin Scheve says:

More life lessons from +Peter Finch Golf
I agree with your opinion of Callaway and their flooding of the market with drivers. They did hire TaylorMade's old marketing guy, so all of the ploys make sense.
I was one of the first ten subscribers on Quest. I cannot wait til the channel takes off!

Eric Martinez says:

why is options for the consumer bad? i am glad they are bringing them out. the problem comes for the manufacturer when they can't manage stock. Callaway is doing a good job at managing their inventory and are releasing products that improve on the previous

Jack Alward says:

Hey Rick! Is there anyway you can review the titleist 915 d4?

Brad Mcnamee says:

This is going to be ace really hope you can do it!!

Curt Holland says:

"Oh my God he hits it so high." Hilarious.

leandrogutierres says:

Impression on Miguel was one of the best parts of the video… haha

Hannibalcortez13 says:

if one of yall gets further than the other will yall caddy for each other?

leandrogutierres says:

I was right about Jason Day winning this tournment. 🙂
Just could never expect 20 under… Amazing!

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