What Driver Should You Play – Titleist TS1 – TS4 Testing

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What driver is best for your golf game? Here I show you the difference with every TS Driver Titleist currently offers.

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Ball – Titleist Pro V1

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JohnnyDoe says:

i cant believe you went through this TS REVIEW and didnt mention that TS4 is the only model with a 430cc head instead of 460… sheesh

Zzzz says:

247 carry wasn't lying when he said Mr short game

golf raven says:

Love my TS3. But would love to hit the TS4

Jim Little says:

Good honest review

Peter Dowding says:

Excellent video and made me chuckle ??

Bill Wallenstein says:

That’s the clearest description of the Titleist line up ever

Doug Hanson says:

Nice, except you had the sun on the wrong side of you again so we couldn’t really see the bottom of the club, or your mug. I understand you had to hit in that direction, but each time you talk (just like your wrap up at the end) do NOT have the sun behind you.
Ps, Titleist drivers are slugs…

kimasabii says:

What glove do you normally wear?

Shtb S says:

Slow swing speed…donot use stiff shaft

Erik's Videos says:

Backspin tightens dispersion. Sidespin is the problem. But it looked like you were stripping those TS4s so spin wasn't an issue.

Michael mckee says:

Switched to TS2 last October fm M4, love it.

paraconda94 says:

Simple!!! Neither..As a fitter we call titleist “ten less” they are always about 10-12 yards behind every other driver. They should just stick to balls

mark walker says:

ts4 all day brother

Mitch 1977 says:

TS2 !! Great vid Matt!

Yooper Eric says:

TS3 with evenflow white xstiff 60g, 8.5 set to 7.75 open, weight in fade. I love it!

Edward Brown says:

Ts4 is your club.. but you need to increase your swing speed..you at at 103..getting to 110 will give you 35 yards more!

Jeff Wendel says:

Literally just had my fitting 2 weeks ago and just got my TS3 today. Pretty excited for this golf season. Awesome content! Keep it up.

Chris Banner says:

Great review. Titleist have done a good job with these. TS1 for us slower swing speeds and you can still fade or draw it if you try hard.

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