You Can't Help But Have Lag When You Do This

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Jason Magid says:

How do you, or do you not need to, shallow the club? Is this more of a float load swing?

Twilight Golfer - Budget Golf Channel says:

Great Drill

TheSalonGuy says:

Really amazing drill Clay. Can't wait to try this. Question, how do you start the downswing with this drill?

Dean Chamblin says:

LOL….. my go too shot with the ball back in my stance a bit when I need to hit low under some tree's.

Zarlodious says:

okay with a 170 9 assuming you are 10 yards shorter how do you handle 20 to 150 yards seems like a LOT of feel shots when you have your power.

nukem bear says:

Plus 8000 views and 250 likes common people its free coaching!

nukem bear says:

Ok so i take my best punch swing from the trees and take it to a full swing shot, it sounds easy, but i know better! I got a great controllable punch but stuggle making strong shots from the fairway, thank you!

Chachi Chochacorta says:

Great videos, Clay, as usual. I also catch you on Golf Pass as well. Glad to see you are everywhere.
What kind of swing speed would you need to have that much lag at impact? It seems that anything under 90 mph just won't get a ball up off the ground much. Also, with that amount of lag, you really need some speed to get those 4 and 3-irons up in the air.
Let me know what you think.

Terry Adam says:

Watched a few of these videos you make it so simple going to try on the range and will report back.

One question should you be having lag with the driver as well. Or is it different if you are supposed to swing up on the ball?

Matt McGillicuddy says:

What is this "straight shot" of which you speak?

Jeff J says:

I've been a TSG member for several years and I can say without a doubt that the knuckle dragger drill was one of the more pivotal drills in the program for me. Really good stuff.

Matthew Musarra says:

looks just like what tommy fleetwood does…trying to figure out how to do this w driver 🙁 can't seem to not hit it right, i can do it with irons fine

GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) says:

Greetings from Rebel Capitalist

lolobuggah says:

You're the lag king!

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