Will Lodge (12 yr old – Long Version) – 2016 US Kids Golf World Championship

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Help Will raise money for The Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation:

Will Lodge playing in the 2016 US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, NC from August 4-6, 2016. Will played in the 12 year old division at Pinehurst No. 8. He shot 77, 79, 77 over the 54-hole three day tournament and placed 50th out of an international field of 181. The course played to 6,004 yards, where hole yardages ranged from 138-173 for par 3s, 320-393 for par 4s, and 450-510 for par 5s. The event included more than 1,500 kids aged 6-12 from 50+ countries.

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Mikkel Iversen says:

as i am the only one that was dancing to the music in the start

William Bornhoft says:

Will how far can you hit the ball off the tee?

Robbie Smith says:

chips the ball 20 ft over the green and yells "SIT!" lol

Two Bros Golfing says:

1-Can you make a what's in the bag 2-how far do u hit your driver 3-what flex is your driver and what's your swing speed? I'm getting a new driver I am 62 in tall and my swing speed is 80 mph

Beta Vulgaris says:

Nice illegal marking of the tee pegs every time you took a drop. Cheating dad. Terrible.

Nerd Glasses Gaming says:

He has loads of potential!! If he could learn to control his emotions a little better, I'd say he could go pro. Short game is very solid.

HC45701 says:

Rhythm reminds me of McIlroy

TJ Boyle says:

Will your swing is awesome I love how smooth it is great vid!

John 623 says:

He snapped it

John 623 says:

How many thumbs up

Arod Lemons24 says:

What is your favorite golf club in your bag

Jacob Tracy says:

Bruh what a pussy. He really has a caddy for a push cart lmao

Jacob Ryan says:

:57 I made the video yay!

Seamus MacPhee says:

Stupid gay bitch I'm 11 and I hit my drives 230 you weak fuck

Alan Chen says:

I have watched this video over and over again and i just want to learn from u Will. Great

Reggie Flik says:

I like this cause it shows the good and the bad shots

Severn Galley says:

do a updated what is in the bag

bottleflip bros says:

He's a solid putter

Nicholas George says:

rage monster

TripleB says:

your amazing, handicap?

Tyce Helmick says:

ur even after day 2!

Tyce Helmick says:

good luck at ur first team world tomorrow! ur paired with someone from india

Richard Anaclerio says:

Make another what's in the bag cuz they look like different clubs

The Th3 says:

I think you got a quad bogey

Chase Blanton says:

28:07 Will sounds so gay???

Clayton Johnson says:

Great Vid! I was wondering if u could do a video of how far you can hit each club. or u could put that info in the description. Just wondering

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