Adam Scott Golf Swing Analysis: The Perfect Follow Through

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Reviewing Adam Scott's Swing: Following Through

In this video, we will go over two tips for you while reviewing Adam Scott's Swing.
Our first tip will be on the mental game. This will help you improve more and win more tournaments. Our second tip will be on the technical aspect to help you get to a good full finish in the follow through.

Also as a bonus, at the end of this video we have thrown in a link and preview of the “Move 4: Follow Through” premium instructional video.

Good luck with your golf game!

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“Reviewing Adam Scott's Swing: Following Through”

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canefan17 says:

I agree with the Steve Williams comment. Adam has stated multiple times
that Steve had him SLOW DOWN days before an event. Scott wouldn’t freshen
his body and mind before tournaments.

Sometimes you can work too hard.
Gotta work smart. Golf Instruction says:
God of War says:

Adam’s success on tour has more to do with his belly putter. Lets be honest
about it. Adam’s career was almost over. Then he started using belly putter
and he started winning. You can’t win on the PGA if you’re not making
putts. You can give Steve Williams the credit all you want, but Steve is a
front runner. He’s NEVER caddied for an average joe. He’s not the sole
reason for Adam’s success.

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