Ben Hogan playing Golf…720p HD

Ben Hogan 52 years old, playing golf at the Houston Country Club 1964.
My favourite footage in HD 960 x 720 BW…

11 thoughts on “Ben Hogan playing Golf…720p HD

  1. Just a beautiful graceful and artistic swing. Minimal in its structure and execution enabling him to successfully repeat the motion over and over.

  2. Super compilation. The music suits.What impressed me was Ben’s stability thru the ball and the finished position.Like another genius (George Knudsen) he rarely got to parallel at the top. Most were 3/4 backswings followed by controlled violence.
    “You don’t hit the ball with your backswing sonny” Ben Hogan

  3. I love it too. My intend was not to disrespect you, why should I…
    I am more interested in the Golfswing of Mr. Hogan so I scaled it
    bigger to see the golfmotion better, even better in bw for me.
    People who wants to see the original plaease go to
    the channel of hynodesignclassics.
    Keep up the good work… Saludos from spain

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