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Hogan's right elbow move controls helped him to achieve so many amazing things in his downswing. In this video Dan looks at what was good about it and how you can apply the move to your game.

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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Kevin Brown says:

Dan, great tip. I've been trying to recreate that downward move for a long time. Your tip should help me get there.

Johnny Apple Seed says:

Congratulations, Sir……you are the first golf coach I've ever heard mention the right Thumb and Index finger as being crucially important in the golf swing……

I've been doing this exact same move in my Golf swing since stumbling across it several years ago in a golf magazine…..Believe it or not, I discerned it by examining a still photo of a pro golfer on those pages…

You now have a faithful follower, as I know what you're saying actually works….Hopefully in the future, you can expand on the concept.

Tim Flaherty, MBA says:

Excellent..but I want to know about the use of the lower body.

Steven Olson says:

I think the right elbow is the key to a good, on plane golf swing

Ray Hess says:

Hi Dan. I really enjoy your videos and demonstrations of Hogan's swing. Would you comment on rolling the lead forearm on the backswing? I have to do that to have a cupped lead wrist and this gives me more power as I rotate the forearm and wrist through impact. Thank you.

bluesice says:

Hogan's shaft plane was dead on on the downswing my bad drives are hit on the heelside of the clubhead . Center is fine baby fade hitting on the heel weak slice … hitting it on the toeside ok but draws contact impact is the holy grail

Duncan Kim says:

Dan, great Ben Hogan videos! Could you please talk more about how to release the power Hogan generates to produce such a high finish in his follow-through? With his weak grip, elbow position and the turn through of the body it feels like the swing has Little to no wrist action. Is this correct? Thank you for the awesome content.

Paul Pinard says:

Dan, Great review of the right elbow and hands getting in front of the body. As you know from previous video's I get stuck and have been struggling to get the right elbow and club in the proper position. These keys regarding the right elbow should help me a lot, (we will know when we do the next video lesson :-). Thanks for sharing your insights and helping make golf fun again.

Ced Louis says: of the most concise, but accurate descriptions of Hogan's downswing move…great stuff!!

K Sey says:

Thanks dan. Would love to hear you discuss difference with the techniques/feelings for different clubs such as full swing with wedge vs 5iron vs wood vs driver

jpugolf says:

Hey Dan , what is the Hogan book you refer to?

Chris Banner says:

Hi Dan. I'd like to know if using the baseball grip still allows me to use this technique.

Terry Walsh says:

Thanks Dan….I would like to see you explain….modern pros appear to have a square stance with irons and wedges, whereas Hogan advocated opening the stance from 6 iron to wedges…if this looks familiar….I have asked it previously !! ….love your videos

Gary Wishon says:

Hi Dan. I always enjoy your stuff and I have learned and been reinforced on a lot of things by watching. One thing I've
noticed in my personal quest relates strongly to Hogan's statement that he rotated his left arm as far right as possible in the
backswing and hard left on the downswing. This has helped me immensely. I recently noticed that in order to achieve the motion that you're discussing here, if I continue to rotate the left arm RIGHT as I fall into my left side the right arm moves outward and the left arm raises away from the body. This facilitates an athletic move and allows instincts to rotate the club to the left to achieve supination and squareness at impact. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for what you do.

Max Imum says:

Thank you Dan. So much great stuff that really helped my game. For everybody that is new to the channel you should definately check out all of Dans Videos. The whole philosophy behind his swing thoughts is amazing!

J@D W says:

Its the right elbow at address that I wonder about. Elbows in and at the hips sets a player up for a flat, deep swing. Modern backswing may be more consistent with right elbow up and out abit, left shoulder going down.

Mark Wisniewski says:

Are you referring to light pressure with the right index finger to help with trail wrist extension to help the left arm supinate left wrist flexion? Please expand. Thx

PRCThailand says:

Great explanation! I wonder if you could shed light on left arm position at address, and during back swing?
In 5 lessons, the left arm should have left elbow point to left hipbone so depress pocket face skyward. But I don't really see any good golfer including Hogan do that. I can have straight left arm with elbow point to target, in between (45 degree), or to left hipbone at address. Just can't figure it out about this.

ripyerballs says:

Hi Dan did Ben Hogan have the club more up in his palm left hand to avoid the left shot, to hold the face off through impact? Great videos on Hogan cheers Peter

Dean Mitchell says:

Over the top from the inside. Perfection.

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