Best Golf Lag Drill ? #1 Way To More Power & Swing Speed ?

Best Golf Lag Drill ? #1 Way To More Power & Swing Speed ?
My #1 Golf Drill To Start Shooting Lower Golf Scores Today
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In this video I show you how you can get more golf lag with power and speed by practicing 1 simple drill.

This simple golf lag drill is so easy you can practice from your own backyard and generate crazy clubhead speed. It doesn't matter what skill level you're at, all golfers can benefit from this super simple drill.

Practice at home, the driving range or even prior to tee-off and you'll increase your clubhead speed and hit longer drives out on the golf course.

You’ll enjoy the feeling of hitting longer and straighter tee shots that fly straight down the middle of the fairway.

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2 thoughts on “Best Golf Lag Drill ? #1 Way To More Power & Swing Speed ?

  1. Anyone visiting these Golf VideosEspecially youngsters
    Unique Highly Advanced techniques … As if the words {of Troy} were selected by Ben Hogan
    (soft spoken) Troy presents himself in a subdued manner …but..
    if visitors persist – everything that Troy teaches will At first feel hopelessly out of sink (which is a good sign) Until you can master these techniques … here is the proof –> incliding more on who Troy is
    … after each "Hitting it Solid" video … see the technique of Ben Hogan here
    Troy Vayanos {Hitting it Solid} from Brisbane, Australia …
    _by the way – I live in South Africa – but if I knew any youngster in Aus – This is the Pro who I'd recommend

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