(Best Long Drive Golf Lesson Ever) Hit Your Driver 400 yards

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Let Sandy Jamieson teach you how to hit your driver better and further than Tiger. Don't kid yourself any longer learn how to hit the ball further than ever. There are lots of tossers out there and I am one of them, but hey you have to laugh at yourself. forget the best golfers in the world this is about you the club golfer who works for a living


Peter Keeling says:

I’m a weekend golfer. I’ve been playing for 4 years 3hcap and I average
over 300 yards. It can be done if you build strength and flexibility and
study the golf swing as a hobby. I can generate 130+mph clubhead speed so
can most people if they try to achieve it. Start with Ben Hogans 5 lessons.
My mates 5’6″ and hits it 300. just practice golf instead of eating burgers
and drinking pints

Rob Boyle says:

Really good lesson, thank you. I like the comment, “do you want to hit the
ball 400 yards? Then hit it twice.” 

moreme40 says:

All kidding aside regarding 300-400 yards, this was a sound lesson

Michael Scrimshire says:

Sound advise for the average club golfer, it’s not all about length it’what
you do with it on the green.

Trev Rich says:

Best golfing video out there!!!
Keeping it straight will bring down your scores!
I’m a complete amature and the way I score a course is that every hole is a
par 6..
No matter what course of what par the hole is.
That way I have a clear view of what I’m scoring.
18 x 6 is 108 so you need to be better than -8 to hit below 100.
It takes the pressure off of the real golf course par, and keeps your focus
on the 100.

Once you are regularly hitting below 100 (Which I’m not!!) you can then set
each hole to be a par 5 which is a 90 target :)

John Johnson says:

There is no trick that will make you hit the ball 300 yards instantly.

But it’s foolish to tell these people that they can’t hit the ball 300.
EVERYONE has the potential to hit 300 yards, they just need to be taught
how to access and utilize that energy.

MDOY79 says:

I agree, however part of the fun of golf for me is hitting the long ball.
with some effort in flexibility training and technique, you could very
feasibly get your swing speed to about 110 mph and with a 9 degree driver
that’s about 257 yards of carry. That would be about the maximum a weekend
golfer should aim for I think. 


Good advice.
I hit a driver about 280 average but I never use it or bring it to the
course because I like to know exactly where the ball is going to land.
I tee off with either a 5 wood which I hit about 220 with a slight 5 yard
fade or my 2 iron hybrid which I hit lazer straight at 210.
I was a 18 handicap with a driver and I am now an 8 handicap without one.
Good golf is all about the inside 100 yard shots.

MrBucholzj says:

This made me chuckle. That said some of us weekend golfers hit a drive over
300….. I just wish it would find the fairway more! Guess you short
hitting guys/gals forget sometimes its better to just hit the fairway. That
why us young tall guys hit 3 woods and and 3 irons off the tee on narrow
holes. I play a lot with my girl friend and now that she is a 5 hcp I have
really learned to just hit the fairway, or she will punish my miss hits.
Playing smarter and not trying to kill the ball every hit might cut a few
more shots than hitting your driver from the deck.

SearchBucket2 says:

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
Having listened to so much crap about length talked by obsessed golfers
over the years how nice to see an honest rendition of the reality.
In Nicklaus’ book “Golf My Way” I remember he stated the average pro
(contemporary, of course) flew the ball 237 yds, the rest was about
conditions … temperature, altitude, terrain, wind, bounce, roll, etc.
Some of these online nuts would have you believe all sorts of nonsense.
Well done for cutting out the bs Sandy!
Favourite’d! :-)

Oliver Todd says:

You suck. Trolling like that. Shame on you. When you said 11.5 deg head I
thought thats not going to work. That slow swing… I got trolled
again…Rick Ashle soud be your sound track.

liam f says:

Mate i think u nailed it there, the drive looked very impressive, and you
say it went 230 something. I am a fairly good driver hit most fairways, but
i am sure i average about 220, maybe get a couple up to 240 if hit get a
lot of run down a slope
You are correct there are thousands of wankers teaching pro’s on the
internet hitting 300 yard drives on trackman or GC2 and other gadgets. But
on a real course they never get to out that far
Nice vid, and really nice looking drive you hit

Michelle Burbidge says:

u hit 3 times lol

josh pashia says:

I played for the 1st time in almost a year 1st hole 315 yards over a creek
drives were straight and near or around 300 all day and yes I’m a weekend

matt atkinson says:

your advice, is exactly why you can’t hit it 300 yards and why you’re
teaching not playing. Like anything in life, it starts with the mind.

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else.
It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits.
There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond

Bruce Lee

weikeat Chong says:

If it’s so secret why post it on u tube ….

Robert Brown says:

Great video. Had a smile on my face all the way through it. 

Ninja_Prime says:

My average is about 220yds and I am only starting. Course management is the
real key, along with a great short game. And also your state of mind!

Josh Rowe says:

Wow that guy shouldn’t be saying that, im 15 years old and hit 250
sometimes can knock one out there 280, but also i do play alot. Its all
about using your body!!!

1enzeder says:

Quite true, but every so often you do end up playing with some joker who
can’t break 100, averages 3.5 putts a hole, hits 1 or 2 fairways a round
and couldn’t hit a green to save his life… but he hits his pitching wedge
170 and his driver 350 when he does manage to connect.

Jeff Flint says:

hahahaha the key to hitting it 400 hundred yards is….. hitting it twice.
so funny

Rolls Reus says:

Haha thanks for the laughs, I’m just beginning with golf and I have a super
straight shot. My distance isn’t too good a lot of the time though and my
consistency is fucking killing me, any tips at all?

SVtgr8 says:

haha! Well said Jamo!

Robert Smith says:

I love it when I see my mates on the range before a game. Striving to hit
the back fence with their drivers time after time. Sure does look
impressive when they do it…. they then step up onto the first tee, see
the trees, bunkers and water in front of them and carve a big slice into
I love playing with the “old” boys, guys who were once single digit golfers
but are now getting a shot a hole.
They might have lost their distance, but they haven’t lost their golfing
brains and usually have a short game to die for. 200 down the middle, nice
little 7 iron for safety, chip close and can the putt. It’s not until they
take the money off of you as you walk off the 18th that you realise you’ve
just been mugged!

APBass69 says:

Well said mate 😉 ……. There’s so much ‘Bull ‘ in the golf industry
suggesting this will make you hit it longer , straighter , spin better but
the harsh truth is that unless you put club to ball correctly it ain’t
gonna make a difference . I bought a new driver last year , I tried about 6
or 7 clubs side by side and if you took my best with each of them they were
probably around the same distance , but the one I ended up buying didn’t go
any further than my old driver just more consistent , great video tho !
Your last comment is what people should focus on …. ” it’s a handicap
game …. Enjoy and have fun ! ”

Ivan Sanders says:

Utter rubbish. Never let the hands get ahead of the ball with a driver! 

Ian Shaw says:

Best golf lesson ever. All he needs to do now is tell weekend golfers to
relax. Weekend golfers, if they are honest and count every stroke and
penalty, are going to shoot 120 plus. 

Peter Scott says:

That’s very refreshing Sandy, and much appreciated. I am now officially
lowering my sights and aiming to hit it in a straight line, or leaving the
driver at home if I want to get around in less than 100.

Jon Doe says:

i got a good laugh when you said hit it twice..Great video and so
true.Focus on hitting straight then try and add power.

Steven G Richardson says:

Lmao good one sir :-)

DonnyDownunder says:

Ha ha good video mate made me laugh and is too true! ha ha!

Nunya Bizness says:

LOL, one of the BEST tips on golf on YouTube. Hit it the best you can,
straight down the fairway, and strive for accuracy more than distance.

Mark Wickham says:

Everyone talks of playing golf on the course, where you learn to play the
game and the shots you need to develop and learning accuracy and control
come from practice. If you are a weekend golfer like the vast majority is
you will always be average. To get what you really want and if you truly
love the game you practice hitting balls every day instead of hitting the
course on the weekends and leaving your clubs in the trunks of your cars
during the week. Those guys that are really good know exactly how far they
can hit every club and know how to shape their shots consistently. When you
practice every day it become automatic and you really don’t even have to
think about what you are going to do because you already know. Practice
Practice and more practice is the key to getting the fundamentals to a
good golf game

Ball Striker says:

lol, thanks for the laughs.

S Ma says:

Nice ‘secret’..

I had a bad morning at work…after seeing this vid, my day was made ;)

a GamePlaya says:

Great video. Very funny.

MegaSneetch says:

Funny video, I think a lot of people would do well giving up on distance,
and instead going for accuracy every time. Then, theres the fact that a 300
yard drive does you no good if your chipping/putting is terrible, but
nobody wants to practice that when you could be trying to impress people at
the driving range. 

MrPedrofoto says:

Dude I hit my 4 iron 220 off a tee. You are a short hitter with your driver
but there’s no shame in that. The key to low scores is the combination of
both the long game and the short game. Better to be a short game wizard
with average driving distance.

justjames1111 says:

I have hit it 300yds, but only about 4 or 5 times ever, most times it’s
varies between 190 and 230 ish. On the other hand my lad is in Oz,
(Brisbane) at present and he genuinely hits it that far, and on the
fairway. If he is in your area I’ll suggest he calls by for a round.


James UK

aidan mc cabe says:

Classic! I was rolling my eyes until you told the real secret of driving!!!
V good vid, glad someonebis realistic!!

jefferson johnson says:

I’m an 11 year old who is TIRED OF hitting 160 yard drives with my driver!
I want to hit 200 yards… that’s it. i don’t care about 300 or 400. HEY i
dont even want nor need a 230 yard drive. Dont get me wrong… i would love
a 230 yard drive. i just dont want to use my driver on a freaking par

Carel Garbers says:

all those people who want to hit the ball further must remember that the
further you hit it the further it can go off of your target line. i know
this from experience as I constantly drive over three hundred yards and
that is a gift, but it is also my greatest curse because if I am off with
my driving, boy does it go wayward. I am a +1 handicap and 18 years old,
but I rarely use my driver off the tee. Getting the ball in play takes
priority over distance. I use my three iron off the tee 90% of the time. at
about 120mph clubhead speed 1cm on the clubface translates to about 20-25
yards that the ball will be off of its line with a driver.

munnjean says:

A great deal of ” how to hit it further ” golf instruction is garbage ,, oh
yes the hustlers will ” share their secret ” provided you sent your money
in ,,, you know ,, five easy payments.
And likewise with the club manufacturers, you know the never ending
bullshit that they sling at you every year ,,, ” our new driver will hit
the ball further just ask Phil “.
And of course good old Phil ,, well he will say anything Callaway wants him
to say well for a price of course.
What a huge change I’ve seen in the golf industry over the past thirty
years. Some of the changes have been wonderful ,, like the 460cc. metal
heads and the shafts. Sure has helped senior golfers like myself ,, but
it’s a dog eat dog business now full of bloody bullshit claims ,, ” can’t
slice this club ” ” this is the longest ball ” I’ll show you how to hit it
straight every time ” yeah, sure you will.
But you are right pal ,,, want to hit the ball 400 yards ? hit the bloody
thing twice ,, right on !

Roy Robson says:

Nice lad but i suspect he is rather drunk in this video, no?

Jordan Sheppherd says:

I love it.

john voelker says:

At first I was annoyed, then I realized it was at my high standards. Thanks
for the reality check; No use trying to hit hard, only to slice the ball
further than it helps. Good video!

Rob Bernard says:

Nice job Jamo! 

squatchin77 says:

reeeeetarded. plus when you posted this, there were multiple guys on the
PGA tour averaging more than the 306 you stated as the longest. Check your
stats before piping off like a jackass, ya jackass. 

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