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Bunker Golf Lesson AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark talks about a simple but very effective way of playing from the bunker and getting the golf ball close. Improve your golf short game and get the ball out of the bunker every time.

38 thoughts on “Bunker Golf Lesson AskGolfGuru

  1. Thanks mark! All the other videos are really complex, especially for
    somebody like me that struggles with bunker play. This is so much more
    simplified and a great place to start. Definitely gonna try it today at the
    local practice green

  2. Hi Mark – I understand the “hit the sand an inch behind the ball” but my
    problem is that 75% of the time, I hit the ball instead and send it 20
    yards over the green. The other 25% I leave the ball in the sand on the
    first try. I’m totally flummoxed every time the ball is in the bunker now.
    Anything else I should try? Thanks.

  3. Hi mark need some help. Got a handicap of 11 im 17 but im going to buy a
    new set of Iron’s price range is not a problem going with a stiff shaft as
    well because of my swing speed and maybe a forged head what do you suggest?

  4. Best way to be a good bunker player is to get in one and practice. At my GC
    I never see anyone practicing in the bunker. Having said that it amazes me
    the amount of times I have lost a matchplay hole to some hacker off 22 who
    manages to stiff a bunker shot or even hole one and you think WTF!

  5. Thanks for the videos Mark! Does this work for all types of sand? I do ok
    when I’m in harder packed sand but when I get in fluffy sand I tend to go
    right under the ball. I can’t wait to give your method a shot, thanks

  6. Thanks Mark another great lesson from you. This is the technique I use in
    wet sand like you have in the video. This time of the year though some
    bunkers are rock hard from the rain so I try to pitch it out, aiming to get
    the ball first…. The follow through I agree is the key isn’t i? So often
    I seen my friends stab into the sand with no attempt to move the club head
    past the ball, with the usual tragic result…

  7. hi mark i have recently been watching your tube videos and already you have
    inproved my game ( so thank you for that. you make things so simple to
    understand ) i have been struggling in bunkers so i shall go and practice
    this now thank you.

  8. Normally when I hit under the ball in fluffy sand or deep rough it’s
    because I’ve let go of the right wrist angle too soon and/or flipped or
    scooped at the ball in an attempt to help the ball in the air. You may also
    want to check the bounce on your chosen wedge to make sure it’s suitable
    for the state of the sand you’re playing from so that it doesn’t dig too
    much; for fluffy sand I use my 10 bounce wedge.

  9. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on a really tight location, i.e.
    in this video the hole is 20m away, what about if it was only 2 m on to the
    green total 5m shot or something. Getting it out to drop and stop from a
    bunker would be interested to see a vid on that.

  10. great video, cant wait to give it a try, im up in scotland and some of the
    bunkers are really poor, almost clay like at times have you any tips for
    this kind of sand. usually when you strike sand the club sticks in it and
    you cant get a follow through.

  11. Nice to see you enjoying the sand…..as someone contemplating joining
    Woodhall Spa I look forward to your advice on how to get out of bomb crater
    depth bunkers !

  12. Now that we are getting course action… let’s get different wedges in that
    bunker, different bounce options, and full breakdowns of what you’re seeing
    from said wedges.

  13. I get “stuck in”several of the bunkers here in California. Thankfully the
    sand is nice powder, and usually dry. Thanks for the tips on getting out of
    these irritating traps.

  14. Wasn’t Gary Player who said about his bunker play .”the more I practice the
    luckier I get…” ? I think that if most golfers invested a fraction of
    what the spend on buying clubs in seeing a PGA Teaching Professional it
    would be a better investment and it would last a life time.

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