Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods share the best lessons of driving the ball

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Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods join the Best Lesson to share their experiences and skills of golf


OxiClean says:

4:48 WOOOOOW fastest club head speed ever! Jack swung it so fast you couldn't even see it!

Evan Quigley says:

Rory's ball position just forward of centre with forward shaft lean.. every teacher on the planet says ball off the left heal..

Marco Warren says:

anyone else just skipped to tigers lesson? lol

Aspect says:

What the fuck is that editing at 4:30???!??

Billy Graham says:

I could not make heads or tails of anyone's advice other than Tiger's. I will give that a try. Maybe that would explain me losing 20 or 30 yards on some drives, even though hit into the fairway — and explaining the longer drives. That I might just be shortening-up the swing, failing to get my hands away from my head a good distance.

SH7DOWS says:

John Daly's got one hell of a takeaway, almost 360 degrees… you can see his gut almost flying off

David Kavanagh says:

Can't stand Monty!!!!! Had to skip through his section.

Michael Kennedy says:

love montys through the ball explanation

richard johnson says:

i,m glad they showed monty twice lol

Tdog says:

I like how in every intro and outro the guy in the middle is beating the shit out of the impact bag./

tperri123 says:

Where was Jack's swing?

Ryan Walker says:

before he was big

Murdistic says:

Too bad Tiger isn't capable of a driving a fairyway 9 out of 10 times.

Monsoon says:

all these tips and lessons will never help an avg golfer. golf is game of "feel"…and this is what a each professionals feel as they swing and you cant never mimic "feel".

kingshearer2 says:

10 + completely different tips try remembering all those in 2 seconds. Good video though nice to hear the best players in the world offering tips.

Mark Greer says:

Just went from driving 230 to driving 320 today by changing one thing and it's not in here.

Totalavulsion says:

Rory's swing is perfection

Brian Smith says:

I can't believe how much Jack Nicklaus's head goes up in the backswing and stays there when he hits the ball

Emmet Doherty says:

the sound when McIllroy was hitting those drives was incredible !

Frank Dramli says:

Damn, Jack Nicklaus got one hell of a quick swing.. Almost to quick for the human eye!

thewonderfulparadox says:

Jesus! The Montysaurus looking in fantashhhhtic shape

Grip It and Rip It Golf says:

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

jordan19862000 says:

Horrible editing. Complete nonsense to keep playing that intro before and after EVERY segment.

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