Golf Tips And Playing Lesson For Simple Strategy And Consistent Scores

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Golf Tip And Playing Lesson For Simple Strategy

This is just a quick on the spot video sharing some on course strategy for a simple dog leg hole.
When you free your mind you can allow a more natural and simple golf swing to occur. Focussing more on your targets than golf swing technique is crucial if you want to play better golf.

You want to shoot lower scores, but working on your golf swing in lessons is not always the best answer.

Watch Alex Fortey walk you through a golf hole with simple golf tips for strategy and lower scores.

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Paul Goodliffe says:

Nice and straight forward. Thanks

frmer td says:

wow, great video!! i really liked what u said about the putting.

Emma Orale says:

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Matt DRURY says:

Good, straightforward advice. Thank you.

Jason Hughes says:

Great vid. But now I have swing envy ☹️

orkayen says:

another good video, Alex.  How do you get 130 yards off of a 50 deg wedge? can you give some tips? for me, this is a 7 iron with such an easy swing.

TurboSVT says:

Ernie Els Smooth!

Goodspeed says:

Love this video. All too often people would be trying to hit it over the tree, or do some sort of fancy cut around the trees off the tee. Instead, boring golf wins the day. You hit an iron to the fairway, a simple wedge, and gave yourself a good look at birdie. GIR is what leads to lower scores. If you a golfer has a look at birdie on every hole, they would surely lower their scores!

Craig Berry says:

lovely 7 iron

RollYourRock says:

Very nice video Alex, very helpful indeed.
May I ask… what kind of filming/audio recording equipment do you use?

Christopher says:

good video !

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