[Golf with Aimee] Golf Lesson 037: Downhill Lie Chipping (명품스윙 에이미 조- 내리막 경사 칩샷 레슨 한국말 자막)

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Today I will show you how to hit a downhill lie chip shot.
This downhill lie is referring to left foot low slope.
In this case the ball will run out a lot more than usual because
1. Ball runs out more on a downhill lie
2. Slope and ball position de-lofts the club face
3. Light rough takes back spin off the ball slightly

Couple things you have to do on a downhill slope
• Wide stance
• Ball position is more to the right
• Weight is 60-70% on the left leg
• Grip down
• Don’t use hands to hit, soft hands, hands are just holding the club
• Hips & abs turn-push
• Calculate correct landing spot so the ball is allowed to run out more

Hope this lesson helps clarify some important details for you!

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Filmed at Upland Hills CC
Thanks Erica for being an awesome camera man for the day!!
Music by https://www.youtube.com/user/JoakimKarud
오늘은 내리막 칩샷을 보여드릴게요.
왼발이 낮은 경사 경우 보통 칩샷과는 조금 다르게 하셔야합니다.
1. 내리막은 빠르기때문에 공이 많이 구르고
2. 경사와 볼 포지션 때문에 클럽 페이스 각도가 서게되며
3. 얕은 러프의 경우 백스핀이 줄게되어
공은 런이 더 나오게 됩니다.
• 스탠스 넓게
• 볼 포지션 가운데보다 우측
• 중심은 60-70% 왼발에 유지 하며 백스윙
• 짧게 잡고
• 손힘은 쓰지 마세요
• 히프와 복근은 턴- 푸시
• 더 구르는걸 가만해서 랜딩을 골라주세요

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Jaden Yoo says:

Thank you for a good lesson today. I also had a lot of problems with the chip shots on the downhill slopes. I want to go out and practice quickly. I always thank good lessons. ^^

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