How Discs Fly – A Beginners Guide to Disc Golf

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This video explains how discs work. It’s designed for beginners who have no clue why discs fly the way they don’t want them to. The plan is to help reduce frustration, play more better and have more fun. Guardians of Recreation


Mat White says:

great vid 🙂 whats up with the sketchy guy popping up?

David Miles says:

Great video. 

capoman1 says:

Very nice, taught the basics. My disc was ALWAYS turning to the left early,
now I know why, I need a slower disc, I’m not a strong enough thrower for
that disc.

And that guy was cracking me up.

WatersEdge337 says:

Great tutorial! I’ve only been playing for about two months, so this is a
lot of good info for newbies like me. Thanks for uploading this!

jlawhon says:

I am relatively new to disc golf, and this video not only educated me on
the basics of disc golf throwing, it helped me choose the correct discs for
my (evolving) game. This is the best and most helpful video on disc golf
that I’ve seen so far…

Ruben Chandler says:

excellent post!!!!!!

Thomicide65 says:

Very helpful thank you!

Jon Robinson says:

I wanna play more better

Per Erik Groenvik says:

Don’t throw discs at a bull. 

themattdaddy says:

If you cant throw after watching this you are retarded.

Mike GTO says:

if you throw an Aerobie Pro flying ring; you will forget about all these
other discs and Frisbee. Thats how awesome it is!!! you have to have an
Aerobie Pro!!!! all these other frisbees SUCK! compared to the Aerobie

Andrew Paquette says:

after losing 2 drivers to water hazards today I realized I had to make
adjustments. This video is very helpful, and i’d stoked to take my newly
learned knowledge onto the course tomorrow. thanks guys!

Darragh Boyle says:

very helpful

ruben k says:

Hej, this is a really nice introduction into Disc Golf, the presentation is
really fun to watch. i will give it a try, thank you!

Appa Jooey says:

Can someone explain what causes discs to turn left or right? They’re all
symmetrical, so it doesn’t make sense to me that they are classified as
right or left turning. They’re less stable than an ultimate disc, I get
that, but it seems logical that the turning of the disc would depend simply
on how it’s thrown, like any symmetrically round object would do.
I looked up the Coriolis effect, that which causes tornadoes to spin
clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and opposite in the Southern
Hemisphere, to see if that is what causes discs in our hemisphere to turn
left, or clockwise. Apparently this is not the case, as it is a myth that
water going down the drain is affected by this, owing to the small amount
of time and small weight of the water, so it seems that a disc with its
short flight time and light weight would not be affected by this either. 

DeathmetalSe7en says:

Please search “AHDiscgolf” and check out my trick shot video. They are not
all long bombs, cuz those are not trick shots. It’s a demonstration of real
trick shots, ranging from easy to very difficult. Please watch, like and
comment, and let me know if you can do any of them at home. If you do pull
any of them off, please make a video response to show me! So search, click,
then get out there and try my shots!

Noel R says:

Fantastic educational video! I wish I had watched this video when I was
first learning to throw.

Jon Zerba says:

Wow, theres a lot of great information in this video, well done! Gonna have
to watch it again and take notes so I can play more better. Thank you!

AustinDrum says:

I didn’t know Clint Eastwood played disc golf. 

John Doe says:

One of the best videos I have found. Nice job! Pretty field, too. Looks
kinda like New Mexico. Where was this video made?

Xy45 says:

Thx, this video changed my game completely =D 

Rahamuseo says:

Can’t wait to get back to the course after watching this – good job guys, I
enjoyable vid for beginner like me

Jason Huebel says:

I tend to be the type who crams as much information into my head about
something before I actually go out and do it. So, I’m in cramming mode
today– watching videos, understanding terminology, etc.

I found this really good video that explains the basics of disc
characteristics and how to throw. I’m only about a third of the way through
the video and have already learned quite a lot.

The “beginner” in the movie is also a hoot. The video tries to add some
levity so it isn’t just bombarding you with information.

dsmerrill says:

Dose faces. Lawlz

Jonathan Garza says:

I wanna “play more better”

James Christie says:

Excellent video guys! 🙂

tsquillario says:

i feel more better after watching this

Aaron Morley says:

Thanks for this video. Very informative. A+

MakeItDrop says:

It’s Eagle from Colorado. Great video!

Above This says:

More better

Coldrin6 says:

This video helped me “play more better”.

peacefuljeffrey says:

Huge thanks to whoever produced this video. This is an A+ production! I’m
not a beginner, and have learned all this already, but this is great stuff
for reference. Thank you!

Chris Davies says:

First Class! Outstanding!

bytorbusch says:

Took the time to share this one very well done

Ryan Heath says:

This has got to be the best Basic instructional video ive ever seen!!
Although all those dramatic effects from the guy wearing the weird shirt
was completely out of whack. He looked like he was trying his best to hold
back a crap.

Ian Cheshier says:

Well as long as it makes me play more better I happy

DTylereRod says:

Thanks for this. I’m determined to make my advanced discs work for me and
watching this at least made me understand why they don’t fly more better.

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