How The Right Hand Moves In The Golf Downswing ➜ Impact

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How The Right Hand Moves In The Golf Downswing ➜ Impact
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In this video I show you how the right hand moves in the golf downswing ensuring better impact with your golf iron shots. Understanding these simple moves improves your ball-striking and consistency with all of your golf shots. High and low handicappers will benefit from these key moves.

Practice how the right hand works in the golf swing is key especially with your golf iron shots, and often the difference between solid contact and weak contact. Enjoy hitting pure and compressed golf iron shots that fly longer and straighter.

Specifically, I give you 3 key moves of the right hand in the downswing:

1. Right hand position at impact
2. How it affects the arms during and post impact
3. Simple drill to rehearse this move at home



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Romeo Oblepias says:

What causes golfers elbow?

Jason Kim says:

What could be the adjustment in case of Driver Sir

Rich C says:

Beneficial instruction on this element of the swing. Thank you.

alex gaus says:

I liked this drill a lot have been looking for a video like this that show the right wrist coming into impact!

Veronica Di Polo says:

This quite a great guide for all golf lovers

Daryl Ottaway says:

Thanks Troy, you’ve explained that nicely. In one of your upcoming videos can you include a down the line view of this move, I’d like to see the path of the right hand & the path of the club head through impact?

Bob Graham says:

How do you start the down swing, dropping the hands first then rotating or doing both at the same time? This problem is exactly what I do.

Thomas Palmer says:

Should you also be gradually straightening your right forearm from the top to keep from turning your shoulders over the top?

Hitting It Solid Golf says:

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