How To Aim In Golf: Simple Checkpoints For Instant Consistency

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Golf Aim Proper Alignment In Golf: Simple Checkpoints For Instant Consistency. 5 Ultimate golf lessons for ultimate golf lessons free.

Simple alignment golf lower with Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf and Alistair Davies to get your alignment for golf correct and consistent.

To get consistent at golf you need to get the alignment right.
Without proper alignment, your body gets confusing signals from your brain about your body position and your intended target.

If your eyes are looking towards the target but you are aimed to the right or left of it, you’ll need to make adjustments in your swing, which kills power and accuracy of your golf swing.

For example when the body is aimed too far to the left of the target line, then you’ll swing across the proper swing path out to in resulting in a pull or slice.

The margin for error…
If the club-face is even a degree open or closed can cause a miss of 10-30 yards or more depending on the club used and swing speed

But to swing the club and make the ball go to its intended target, the brain must also set up the rest of the body to do so.

So we wanted to share some important golf tips of alignment and address to help you hit the intended target properly, and efficiently every time.

Your eyes
Your nipples
Your knees
Your Feet.

All play a huge role in dictating the chances of the golf ball going where you want it Enjoy the golf swing and alignment lesson

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Marc Manion says:

Thanks guys – a Canadian coach mate of mine suggests that I always have my head behind the ball and my eyes on the blade of grass I’m going to cut through – how do you see this? Sorry about the pun

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