Increase Swing Speed Easily ➑ Do This Natural Move For Fast Arms πŸŒπŸ†

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Increase golf swing speed with faster arms and it’s all done with unhinging the elbow. Do you get cramped in your golf swing and try and force your body to get more distance? Do you want to swing more in to out? Then having faster arms is the golf swing tip you need.

Swing Speed Made Easy With Effortless Power

The most natural movements we do are the ones that will give the most consistent ball striking results, resulting in an increase of golf swing speed and distances whether you want to hit a driver longer or you want to hit irons consistently.

Whether you are a senior golfer, a low handicapper or someone that wants to just break 80 or 90, this simple golf swing tip will help you to swing more in to out and stop coming over the top too.

The goal is to have a golf swing that is going to give you effortless power and consistency but that is also easy to learn, easy to repeat and one that anyone can do for years to come.This move to straighten the arms and the main swing feel should make sense, especially when seeing what you would do to push pass a ball.

Golf video timestamps
0:00 Increase swing speed
1:15 pass the ball for speed
2:30 fast hands from unhinging the elbow
4:30 Push fast hands to impact for swing speed
6:00 Get effortless power

The hands and arms would be the automatic release. Alex Fortey and the Art of Simple Golf one aim is the make golf more simple. And this lesson has helped thousands of players within the Club.

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Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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Golf wins in the complication department. No other sport boasts the amount of gadgets, swing fixes, variations of balls, clubs, tees, courses, not to mention weather!, however, it is not as difficult as you have been led to believe.

Or at the very least as complicated and frustrating as the golf industry has you made you you think.

The Art of Simple Golf was born when confusion overruled the joy of golf.


Thomas Luhman says:

Brilliant drill, thank you. How does the chest pass relate to the split hands early speed drill. Can you do both in one swing?

Nicholas Demetriades says:

Hmm. I thought the right elbow was still bent at impact?

Philippe Griffol says:

Merci beaucoup

Chris Madden says:

I used this technique twice now and increased my ball speed and my yardage with my irons by 25yds. I got a lot of pull lefts tough but I’m working on the feeling of hitting out to the right to straighten this. Thanks for a great drill πŸ‘

Miriam Dalglish says:

That's me Alex, try do hard to have straight arms going through the shot.

Dougie Montana says:

You release with the hands not the elbows, your arms naturally straighten after impact with the momentum of the body turn. What your encouraging here is early extension (high hands) which will lead to all sorts of problems

PokΓ© Wub says:

Lol, you make it look easy.

Don Schmidt says:

Great stuff with drills that make them happen naturally. One of the best teachers I've seen period. Keep it up please.

Richard S says:

Is the club available left handed?

Andre Erasmi says:

Bravo,really helpfull

jerryz says:

Great video. I subbed

Raymond CHASTEL says:

In the last part of the downswing try to extend the club head 4 inches to the low point beyond the ball with the left wrist straight and you'll get that bit of extra speed Alex is talking about

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