MY NEW HANDCRAFTED IRONS!!! (bespoke Japanese blades)

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I pick my NEW golf irons, choosing from some of the BEST Japanese blades, including brands such as Makino, CGS Orion, and Itobori.

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DuffMan22 says:

That end had me dying! Love the content, those are some absolute pieces of art!

Lawrence Ritchie says:

If you are getting paid to advertise, no covers. If not, cover them up!

Taupo says:

Looks like they all done by machine CNC probably

DKNY49 says:

Im looking to buy a set of Makinos……problem is that I am in the US and there are no dealers here so I can take a good look at them…the Orions look good too

Korey Tyler says:

I know im a little late for this question, but im just curious. How come if you were looking at Japanese irons you didnt look at Miura irons?

GREG says:

They just won’t be as good as Mizuno or titleist so what’s the point in buying them 🤷‍♂️

TheGolfingMusician says:

I own three sets of Honma irons.
Love all of them.

darryl jefferies says:

I love the look of the ones that Fred flintstone would have used …hacked into shape with a chisel

Sander de Groot says:

These are amazing, truly all of them are beautiful

ThatGuyFishing Ben says:

You can not put headcovers on these. Why would you hide that from anyone. Those irons are just begging to be seen.

Wickd Ghost says:

I am just loving on the muscle backs ….. And that in copper is just pure beauty in every way.

Kevyn Keo says:

Those irons are so SICK!!! WOWSER!! 🤌👍

Phil Griffiths says:

😆Great opening. Pulp fiction

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