My Top 2 Keys to Virtually LIMITLESS CLUBHEAD SPEED!

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Increasing your clubhead speed is easier than you think! In this video I explore Mike Austin's ‘supple quickness' concept in order to show you how much potential you have for more driving distance with drills and exercises to unlock your maximum quickness.

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bud licht says:

I applaud your effort to add some creativity to your video but the music was too much; very distracting and made it hard to hear your message.
That said, I like how you teach. You're calm, you communicate well and I like how you use a doable progression.
Keep it up!

Gator golf USA says:

I'm a new subscriber, liking the content! Can incorporate both these drills together once you've practiced them separately? Asking for a friend!

10CCLO says:

Turned it off as couldn't hear the speech at all for the noise in the background

Craig Wollman says:

Completely unrelated comment. The light would be much better if you shot the video from the opposite side.

Dennis Lurvey says:

never seen that crossing the arms in front of you like that. I don't have the flexibility but I'll work on it. too many muscles getting in the way. But i've seen people hitting the ball a long way just by crossing and uncrossing the arms.

Rocket Roy says:

sounds good will try this tomorrow, thanks a lot!

Richard Murphy says:

Steve whats the chair for?… great vid!!!

Matt Bonneville says:

Everyone that touts there is no "roll" of the forearms through impact, their heads just exploded. lol.

M. Thomas says:

looks to me like you are swaying and sliding

Ed Pierson says:

I like this will try this hope it works as I’m now 84 years old thanks

donlemastus says:

Great advice. Working on the wrist release drill has been very helpful and started to fix my dragging of the handle.

T Lee Bailey says:

Steve, why the chair?

Gorden Scottfan says:

Great to see someone not using the "Hold the angle" BS… amateurs got to start releasing sooner then they think…

Rich Mendoker says:

Sorry, but what is with the chair? (Pardon the pun)

Rick Coker says:

It seems there isn’t any mention of shoulder turn at all, and some pros make a huge deal of a shoulder turn… Confusing to me!

Overhand Golf Channel says:

Hey, that's across the street from Tierra Rejada.

George Sealy says:

Good video, great content. Just a suggestion: balance the sound levels.

First Reviewer says:

Excellent! FR

Thomas Fraser says:

In other words work on developing a subtle quick and conscious movement of the hips as opposed to a jerky unintentional and out of control movement of the hips. Great advice.

John Downs says:

holy shit, thats a nice range!

Alan Lo says:

Great video Steve. What annoying me in playing golf is thinking too much about skills rather than repeating correct routine drill over and over. It seems boring and looks silly in the driving range but it should be the right way to do it. One question, is there any secret you put a chair behind you? Is it to avoid you fly your hip forward when you adding speed in the motion?

j bauer says:

Hi Steve, … i do not understand why the so called modern golf swing more or less disregards the logic how to speed up up the club…. or did i miss something there? … here a link which explains the swing they want to teach today… ….. Thanks for your dedication and effort… it changed my game !

Tristan says:

Steve, what causes the lead arm to be pinned to the torso in the down swing and through swing? I've been picturing it in my mind for hours.

kidpoker007 says:

Still don’t know which better the Austin right hand under release or more horizontal and like a slap with left at impact

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