NEVER Top A HYBRID Golf Club Again! Simple Golf Tips

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NEVER Top A HYBRID Golf Club Again! Simple Golf Tips

In this golf lesson Matt Fryer Golf talks you through two common mistakes that lead to topped hybrid golf shots. Matt Fryer Golf gives you two simple golf tips that will help you develop a solid golf swing that will help you stop topping the golf ball.

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Hi I’m Matt Fryer, welcome to my channel MattFryerGolf. This YouTube channel is to help you play better golf and love the game even more!

I specialise in golf lessons, golf club news and other entertaining golf content.

I you want to play better golf I cover all topics in my golf lessons such as, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons consistently , master your shortgame and hole more putts.
I will also help you lower your score by giving you plans and tips on managing your game out on the golf course, with course vlogs and golf course scenarios, so you know exactly what to do you find yourself in a tricky situation.

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content from golfing trips I go on, showcasing some of the best golf courses and resorts in the world and giving you advice on where to visit and which golf courses to play.

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Enjoy your golf!!


joseph bianco says:

A hybrid is like mixed doubles— it’s not sex and it’s not tennis.

Christopher Kearns says:

I don't even own a hybrid but I still watched this

John Schwartz says:

I have replaced my 3 iron with a 3 hybrid. I was having a "love/hate" relationship with it, but of late, I have gotten rather fond of it. I just have to remember "ball position" and "weight transfer" as you recommended. Great video on the hybrid Matt! Keep up the good work!!!

Lee Smith says:

Cheers for the video, been working on this at the range tonight.
If I continue to top it, thin it, hook it, block it it'll be launched down the range!! 🤬😂

Emily. says:

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Ryan Dawson says:

Really enjoy your content Matt, clear and concise instructions.

c_ramdass2 says:

Would this not cause more swaying rather than a weight based transition?

Ralph Bonati says:

I like the tee tip to help get the club in the correct angle. This is a more intermediate level lesson. Thanks!

Colin Wallace says:

Matt, another sensible lesson but may I add the swing. I have found when I try for distance with my hybrids I swing to fast and hard and generally screw it up, but an easier swing allows the club to do the work an generally look like your last shot.
Keep up the quality work mate👍😍

david m gazda says:

I call my hybrid my mystery club, because it sends the ball into places id never imagine and never where i want it go go, so cant wait to try out Matts 3 tips 😉

Henri Moock says:

The hybrid is my favourite club,….and it is true….a lot of golfers are hitting it like a fairway wood ?
Me as a senior golfer with hcp 7 using 2 hybrids in my bag………

Ray Graham says:

Great video Matt. I have adopted this approach for a while, getting the weight moving to my lead heal during the downswing for my hybrids, irons and even fairway woods, with a tweak to my set up. Makes for a great strike. I like the feeling of trying to push a tee into the ground with my lead heel as it provides a focus to get my weight over.

Malcolm A. says:

Ive got 2 hybrids in my bag at present and they are super useful – I like using them to be honest.
Good tips Matt _ I'll keep them in mind should be hybrid game go bad

duncan charnley says:

Great video as always Matt. But I think it's spelt Divot. 😜

Ethan Rogers says:

Perfect time for lunch 👍

Timothy Pardede says:

3:48 majestic pose

Josh Brownell says:

Does anyone know when that long drive contest is

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