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David Trebell says:

I think they look awesome. But I prefer a graphite shaft. What do you thing

Strad 4321 says:

Designed by marketing people.

sehnaz1 says:

Ugliest iron I've ever seen. What were TM thinking..??

Les Blair says:

Rob needs to test these

jesse Jeffries says:

Hey rick. I just wanted to let you know I played a 2 man scramble tournament today and come in 2nd place. It's all thanks to your instructional videos. P.S. the guys we lost to were professionals. We shot 14 under

Peter Choma says:

I always wanted a 7 iron with my 6 irons loft that goes as high as my wedge with terrible dispersion. Wether you label it as a 7 or 6 it doesn't matter you still need a club for every distance below, hence the disappearing 2 and 3 iron, since your 4 iron is really an old 3 iron loft anyway.

Steve Smith says:

If I heard you right, you said the head felt heavier which would produce a faster swing speed. But you have said in the past along with club manufactures that lighter heads on drivers produce faster swing speed.
I'm confused, but again I'm just an average single digit hacker..

FF2312674333 says:

Bet they cost a fortune but they are very ugly looking clubs.

Jacob Weigand says:

Taylormade is the new Titleist… pumping out new irons as often as possible, without as much regard for quality. I never liked Titleist when they were the top brand on the market, and now I'm starting to feel that way for Taylormade. But that's only my opinion

clarkoscotland says:

long term sub , please do something new rick

Malcolm A. says:

Great review again Rick; always great to hear your opinion and views.
Have to say that I don't like the look of the back of the club; looks fussy to the point of being ugly.
I suspect however that I could get some benefit from using them

Billy Sansome says:

Another amazing video Rick I’m searching for clubs ATM and all these reviews help a great amount so thanks Rick and keep going what your doing!!

By the way what golf bag do you use??

MrMarcelthomas says:

is it just me or was the 7 irons peak height the same as the pitching wedge?

Topbloke Golf says:

So what's the price? Why don't they ever include the price ? Any other product review ha a price ? Does he get told by tm not to mention it?

Tony Leigh says:

Voluptuous indeed!. To be honest, though, you hit these very well!

Hacker2024 says:

Sounds like a sledge hammer hitting a brick wall.

Dennis Petty says:

Rick still would love to see you hit the Srixon Z 765 irons. Maybe one of the most under rated irons on the market

PatrickMahn says:

yr testing is okay.., but i want Rob Potter's opinion..!

Michael Hake says:

it looks like a shit i once did

23pbkallday says:

Seems to me Rick like you should be using these. You hit them better then player irons

Niklas Höglund says:

To much going on here. Learn to hit with a "normal" iron and you Will get the benefits of spin, feel and workability. Feels like the companies are out of ideas cuz you cant do much more to an iron now to improve them. I just switch my 2017 years iron to a 10 year old mizuno that i like more 🙂

TheDJdragonflame says:

Just from looking at it I know it isn't for me. Heavy club heads mess up my swing, I prefer lighter ones.

Martin Barrett says:

Love the videos Rick but think you could use an actual virtual golf hole rather than just the virtual range for videos? Think it would give us more of an idea how the clubs would behave and how they would suit our game. Thanks!!

Lee c says:

hi rick ive got the rsi 1's in my bag they look like those just pimped up, defo going to try these out really like the look of them.great review

Kellen M says:

TM told me they came out with these in response to the negative feedback on the sound/feel of the M2 Irons. Sounds like they did their job on the sound/feel

Ron Smith says:

Other than the P790, all of those TaylorMade irons are just ugly…

Calamity Golf says:

Get rob on these

rts94 says:

Don't buy and TaylorMade irons with the face slots if your swing speed is 100 + mph. Just sent my entire set of 2017 M2 irons back in the other day because all of the club faces are caving in, and apparently its been a huge problem amongst the m2 irons

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