NEW Taylormade P770 Irons Review

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Travis Eckard says:

I put them in the bag straight away with KBS C taper lite shafts and just absolutely love them ?

Melissa Tompkins says:

Just took delivery of a full set of P770’s, from my original P790’s, they are absolutely amazing. I’m a 20 handicapper, but been playing golf since 1973, I have absolutely nothing but praise for these new clubs.

Daniel Bloodworth says:

Would like to see a distance comparison between p770 and p7mc with the same club at the same loft. I'm curious what loft difference is needed for comboing the two.

Martyn Mantack says:

Tried out p790 and p770 today the 770 was way better to hit. Felt softer and a very high piercing flight.

M B says:

They look like the MP-20s…. Nothing new.

Alex Nuschke says:

These or Ping i210?

daeHeotatoPrM says:

Random question, what is the logo on Matt's shirt?

David White Jr says:

Where do I go to win some irons. I’m competing in state Mid Ams and other tournaments keeping up with my Cleveland CG4 tours. But I think it’s time to upgrade. Just gunna take me forever with 5 kids. 50 bucks a month I think in 2 years I can maybe sneak a set. But a give away would be ideal lol ?

plusfour1 says:

I'm 58 years old, 5 handicap playing MB59 and I'm beginning to notice a loss of yardage in my game. I've found that I can overswing some shots to reach the number that I expect but am losing accuracy and consistency as a result. Is this an answer for me or should I just accept that my irons will be 5 yards less than they used to be?

David Bowe says:

Hey boys. I'm currently gaming my dci 762. I'm a 6hc and am thinking of the 790 or 770 I am a hight ball hitter and worried the 790 with the tungsten is going to launch to high. Thoughts??

Andrew Conn says:

I would like to see a head to head of the p760 vs new p770 an p7mc

hjvm22 says:

Would you choose this p770, the mizuno jpx 921 forged, the Callaway apex pro or the Ping i210. Just asking for a friend 🙂 haha

Wes Boothe says:

@Ian/Matt, please help me with this question as I can’t get anyone to properly answer this for me… I to order my 3-5 irons in p770’s to get added height and forgiveness in my long irons, and then combo them with 6-P in p7mc’s.. my question is the p770’s are stronger lofted and hollow body construction is going to make them super hot and lead to increased ball speed, so I want to know how much weaker on loft do I need to order my 3-5 irons so that they blend well with the rest of my p7mc’s I’m also going to order in terms of a combo set perspective? I’m ready to order, I just need input from someone that knows their stuff!

Jeff Head says:

How do they compare with the JPX 921 Forged?

Peter S says:

How do these compare to the Ping g700s?

Nick Long says:

p7mb PW-6 P770 5-3 all day

Lynyrd says:

You opened up saying this replaced the P760. Did someone relay from TaylorMade that these are a replacement of the P760? I would argue that the P7MC is a more logical replacement as both are Cavity Back and neither P7MC and P760 have the speed slot. If anything neither are a direct replacement and TM has split the P760 into two distinct categories. Players Cavity Back and Players Distance.

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