Ping k15 Driver TaylorMade 2.0 Burner Superfast Driver

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http;// Mark Crossfield hits the Ping K15 driver up against the TaylorMade 2.0 SuperFast driver. See which driver will help you hit more fairways and help you play some better golf. Watch the Ping k15 driver as mark hits the driver at Clifton hill golf range and see how it compares to the white headed 2.0 burner from TaylorMade driver.

37 thoughts on “Ping k15 Driver TaylorMade 2.0 Burner Superfast Driver

  1. The White heads of the Taylormade’s are growing on me. I cant get rid of my
    super-tri just yet but I really don’t know which hybrid to get rescue 11 or
    the 910h. Help!!

  2. @imlildrummerboy1996 I’m 6ft tall & I found the burner far too long
    personally & having to really overexaggerate my swing to draw the ball &
    minimise occasional slicing. I had the shaft cut by 2″ to 44.5 & it made
    the world of difference. Shaft feels stiffer & the length makes the club
    feel more efficient when you swing. Best move I ever made with this driver.
    You do lose a little distance of course but the trade-off is a bit of a no
    brainer when you realise you’re hitting more fairways.

  3. I hit my 9.5 driver well. I am 5’8 and have no trouble with the length
    addition and get a high ball flight. The grip isn’t the best I agree.I feel
    even if I hit a little on the toe it still goes far

  4. Hi mark, overall in the heat of battle I feel the Ping would be a safer
    option.had plent of TM drivers in the past all pretty good but at this
    moment in time having been for a fitting,taking cost into account I think I
    will order the K15.had round to-day using a K15 demo not over long but hits
    fairways in reg.This is a big plus for me as i play a fair amount of tight
    courses.You just confirmed what I felt.Thanks for a great demo.

  5. taylormade all the way, i struggled getting my old driver anywhere the 250
    carry mark, but with the new burner it just doesnt seem to stop flying!
    awesome club 10/10!

  6. 12.1 handicapper: I play a 2008 tour burner regular. I have a tendency to
    lose drives to left (hook) when I hit a bad one. I love the tour burner I
    have. I need some advice on whether I sould be getting the 2.0 or the 2.0
    TP? The regular version has the same shaft length as what I’m playing now I
    believe?? Thanks.

  7. @imlildrummerboy1996 i just mean with the comment that this driver is much
    better then my old and now i hit 265 sry my english isnt well im from
    germany 🙂

  8. Just ordered myself a SF 2.0.. though i got mine trimmed an inch since i
    think 46.5″ is just ridiculous. I’ll also probably have to re grip it right
    away because i cant stand winn grips.

  9. I tried the K15 today, felt pretty good, but only in a golf shops hitting
    room, so had no idea what the flight was like. I’m after a new driver and
    5wood, also tried the Callaway Octane Diablo,Wilson DXi, all very much the
    same. Think the Callaway will be my choice. Any thoughts on the above
    mentioned Mark?

  10. @robpalmer73 i got the taylormade burner 2.0 yesterday actually and i
    luckily had a friend who professionally custom fit it for me so is there
    anything i need to know about it before i go to the range because it seems
    very forgiving so i suppose its a good improvement driver like mark said.

  11. I think both of these drivers are exellent. I’ve hit them both. I went with
    the taylormade myself. It just felt like I got a little more swing speed
    out of it. Im starting to become a much better golfer than I have been in
    years past. I believe that the biggest differences in these drivers will be
    found with much better golfers than myself. The price of the burner was
    much lower with a sale price I caught, making the main decision point for
    me. Great review though buddy.

  12. @MHMonsie I demo’d it in a pro shop swing room. I liked it & got a decent
    price for it. It was only when I took it on the course and put it against
    friend’s drivers that I notice the shaft length & whippyness. For me it was
    about having a driver that didn’t feel too different from the other long
    clubs in the bag. Shortening the shaft worked for me. I lost a few yards,
    but it’s a much more consistent club now. Decent drivers of the ball might
    not need to. Matter of preference maybe.

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