Slow down your downswing

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Slow things down from the top with a better understanding of swing centre and how to control it.
Sorry about how rushed this video was as it was so wet and cold. I may redo this with some better content.
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Paul Bobolts says:

I trust this guy because of his accent

Joe Minnes says:

Makes sense ?

Colin White says:

Such devotion to your followers.
And I mean followers in every sense.
Thank you, oh great one.

Allen Sam says:

What he say?

Nova Time says:

Why don't more instructors talk about using gravity?

Robert Crawford says:

Great video thank you.

Greg Hobson says:

Nice video Steve. Quick question, what ball do you game? I'm currently using Wilson Staff Dx2 softs. How do they feel so different to other competitors on the market?

Mark Sheehan says:

Hi steve great tips video again, I can relate to this very well!

Oscarbigfeet says:

Steve, I try to think of starting my downswing at the same rate/speed as I finish the backswing – apparently it was a swing tip from Tom Watson.

CG Mat says:

Need the Gabegolf swing triainer..

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