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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry takes Golf Digest's 3-Point Challenge, involving 3-pointers, chip shots, long putts, and half-court shots. He has less than fifty seconds per round and needs to make 10 shots to win, all while being interviewed.

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Steph Curry Takes Golf Digest's 3-Point Challenge | Golf Assassins

Starring: Stephen Curry


123Gaming says:

Your so lucky you got to meet him

Joey Brys says:

Fuck steph curry

Nathan Boucher says:

He can make a half court shot for a video but he can't make one for Craig that's so rude

Canuckvik says:

70 at pebble? Wooow maybe it was from the closest tee box, cause that is unbelievable.

Adam Films says:

So the longest shot he's ever hit was 180 yards, but he somehow managed to shoot 70 at pebble beach…

Anjali Donn says:

Basketball star by day, Golfer at night.

daisey barbie says:

I love don't always i

Ethan Holley says:

someone give this man a putting lesson

Paul Lo says:

lecrae? I like it…

Letter A says:

These ppl just know how to disrespect.

Stephen says:

After this video, I actually don't like him.

Charles WoodsonGOAT says:

Giants. Really. Bandwagon mf

Muhammad Baker says:

I'm thinking there's a joke behind him saying game "6" of the NBA finals

Infinity 1 says:

If he put in more time he could be a pro golfer.

LoquaciousSqonge ™ says:

nothing but nets . net

Lil Pump says:

Tf a 30 second add no skip

Cool Highlights says:

Ya he sucks unlike Lebrun james

Alex watson says:

He said his longest golf shot was 180 yards… so he's shit

Zyko says:

God said treat people the way you want to be treated (:

Shakiba says:

What colorway are those Currys

Fletch Creates says:

Only wrong answer is he didn't say James harden for best facial hair

Elison says:

I taught he said Eminem so I searched up who "sour patch kids" where and it turned out to be candy..

I'm a Viking from Sweden!

Leyah Yarbrough says:

Stephen curry your my fav player out of the whole world and you are my idol all I want to do is play like you and definite shoot like you every day I watch you shoot and get a whole bunch a motavtion when I see you play I know you are not gonna check this but if you do I just want you to know even if you get down you will always have somebody to bring you up P.S tell Ayesha that she is a great cooker I appreticate every time I see you playing I say I really wish I can be like Stephen curry every day this is Malik and you are my fav player I think your even better than MJ kyrie LeBron james I just want you to know that I am your #1 fan even if you don thinks so,i don't have much of your stuff but inside I know that I am your #1 fan
P.S keep moving even if somebody trys to bring you down
                  Stephen curry

CJ's Gaming says:

2:38 thats what he said when ayesha deepthroated

TheAFKWoWplayer says:

Choosing Mac when you're dads name is dell haha

Martin Koleka says:

He likes Beyonce more, said Ariana only for Riley lol

Regina Buttrom says:

Curry you are the best player in the nba

Daron Lapping says:

do unto others as you'd want them to do to you.. the golden rule.
hats off to Mr. Curry

Melissa Davis says:

Hi, Step can you put anybody, like bad gospel people in prison, or anyone else with shaggy?

Dosey Dog says:

70 at pebble beach lol no

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