TaylorMade R15 Driver Review

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TaylorMade R15 Driver Review
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Vici Martynov says:

I have already been lavish in my praise of this driver on another channel –
maybe it is the jack and pepsi talking but, I actually like this club and i
actually think its the first Taylormade launch recently where they have
actually inovated something significant and understand why it is
significant – if i was buying a club, this would be one on my list to try –
i hope TaylorMade understand what they are doing right this time and spare
us the usual pile of launch day drivel that gets people’s backs up – well
done TalylorMade, more of this please and let your driver do the talking
for you ;-)

Rodrigo Perez says:

I am an average golfer with 20 hcp . I really like your youtube channel and
receives greetings from Mexico City .

sjs2011 says:

Hi rick. im looking at getting a completely new set of sticks.

The SLDR driver, hybrids and irons are looking hot at the moment.. Do you
have any recommendations on the contrary. I am an average player, handicap
18 . have a major slice on the ball. Hence why looking for a correction
club. price not really a consideration – just want the best. whats your

P-M Meiners says:

Nice looking but lets stick with reall stuff… Titleist. By the way you love
all the drivers you hit? I never have seen a video of you where you didn’t
like what you hit. Look at the discpersion!!! 

simon oosthuizen says:

what are you hitting into

mike hunt says:

Rick love your channel but I’d love to see some more variety it only seems
to be witch club is the longest can you test some irons like nike vapour
callaway apex apex pro apex blade cheers 

Yonlord FTWlol says:

When’s the release???

Sgt Pepper says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf why didn’t u put the Kali in the 460 Rick?

gbvoul says:

If Rick doesn’t feel confident fitting himself why should anyone trust the
average non pro, shmuck at golf galaxy to fit us?

Matthew Collins says:

Yawn, another one. Next one out after xmas. TM are a joke

Barry Hall says:

On a recent Monday night show you were asked if you could prove how your
launch monitor performs in reality and I think you said this would not be
possible. I was thinking about it afterwards and came up with an idea.
Chose a “quiet” day with no wind or rain when it was relatively warm (I
don’t know if the launch monitor is calibrated to a particular temperature)
and take the device to a golf course that is loaded on the device and
select a hole on which to carry out the test. Probably a long par 3 would
be best. If Pete was on the green and you on the tee you could play the
hole both virtually and actually. Pete on the green, could video the ball
landing on the green (hopefully most times!) and then place the flag to
where the ball landed and use your Bushnell rangefinder to check the
distance. I think it would be an interesting experiment. What do you think?

Michael Cooney says:

Great review +RickShielsPGAGolf . I’m not a fan of these weights, looks too
gimmicky. The Titleist 915 looks really good, looking forward to a match up

Johnathan Shepherd says:

Looks so good. If you need help comparing the SLDR to the R15 with the
average Joe, give me a shout. Love my SLDR, it has helped with my game,
would love to see how the forgiveness on this helps 

Rob Atkinson says:

Well Rick,I might be wrong but I feel taylormade have got to you with their
cash!everyones got to make a living and there is worse ways to do it…but
I thought you were one of the good guys?i can’t take reviews like this
seriously as they’ve got too crossfield,and now Myourself !!,it’s obvious
to me that taylormade have tapped in to a new market.fair play to you
though,your a top bloke and teacher,with Mr finch of course.

louie says:

good vid rick. Do a 915 D3 vs R15 430

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Rick, I wish you would take it through all clubs features. I mean, hit it
straight but slide the weights left and right and spread apart and even
with the extreme lofts. For us. You like it your way but how about
demonstrating it for everyone elses taste and or swing preference. I saw
your demo on the smaller head and I know you liked it a whole lot. I know
I’ll take a hit with it as soon as GolfSmith has it at their store. Thanks.

TheChenza05 says:

i love watching your videos brotha! you GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT and
GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED!! i feel the enthusiasm in your
videos…keep it up brotha

Cace Smith says:

Great review. I’m not a TM fan but they clearly work really well for you.
I think that speaks to the value of getting fit because different clubs
will work better for some and not for others, such as the Big Bertha in
your case. Keep it up buddy!

Richard Procter says:

im a 25 handicap i could not hit the R1 i had . so traded it for the Nike
covert 2.0 was fitted for the nike . i hit it straighter not as far as my
other golf friends but straighter than i did with other drivers i had in
the past . would this be a good club to add to my bag ?

Andy Yeomans says:

Let’s face it, the adjustable and seperate weights thing first came out in
the R7 Quad about 10 years ago, albeit they were not on a sliding system.
Same principle though, and still one of the best drivers I have hit.

Paul Reuten says:

the double weight seems like a good idea. test the old one with doubles
head to head. FYI you hit the D2 longer with tighter dispersion.

Sunny Hwang says:

Excellent video. It would good to see a video of you getting the 430
getting fitted. Would you keep the same shaft or pick a different shaft
with the 430 head. 

golfingpenguin says:

When you get fitted properly for this and the 430 you need to see if
Titleist is still the big dog in your new long drive competitions!

Johnny Hally says:

Hey rick could you make a video with the sldr showing us the actual
effectiveness of the sliding weight for fades and draws

Paul K says:

Perfect now I can pick up the SLDR for peanuts once this thing is launched!
Not paying $449.99 for a driver anymore!

Jack Bowers says:

great review great content defo one of the best golf youtubers you keep it
fresh and new keep up the good work and have to say driver looks amazing
rick you are just such a good youtuber

Mihali Wheeler says:

looks seriously meaty! like your honest review, without being cheesy 🙂

Kyle Potter says:

can you do your top 5 most forgiving and farthest hitting drivers for a
high handicapper that are on the cheaper side! Thanks love your videos by
the way

mchaggis1994 says:

This is the first driver taylormade has ever released that I have had some
excitement for. Ill try it, but for me nothing has been able to beat the
forgiveness of the ping g10 9*. 

Cornwall1888 says:

Taylormade haven’t released a driver for years I’m excited. Oh wait they’ve
released about 5 this year already.

scott murray says:

I said the same phrase to my friend about the headcover! Strange
considering the sldr head covers look great!

Gary Phillips says:

Do you reckon adding a second sliding weight to an sldr driver and seting
them apart will improve forgiveness? Worth a try I’m sure. 

Tim Spring says:

Great review as ever Rick
How about this for a test R15 vs SLDR with 2 weights in the slot one at
each end to try and get the forgiveness without the £300 bill?

Zigeuner Bengel says:

Maybe TM should put in 3 Sliders, then it is even better, longer and more
forgiving. What BS, as if all this crap would improve anyones golfgame. But
as long people believe it…

todd harrison says:

Sorry bud, but your numbers are way off.. Need to calibrate your machine 

Oscar Furlong says:

Bloody hell rick I thought you was never shut up and hit that thing lol
great video great looking driver.

Philip Smith says:

Lets hope TM put the two sliding wights in the next irons !!!

Andrew Alderson says:

Looks like xmas has come early for you Rick!

gordon o'riordan says:

That head cover wud be great to use in the kitchen as an oven glove

Iain Jevons says:

Looks awesome! If I had the cash I could see one of those in my bag…

Roger Toye says:

i got an R1 how does it compare to R15?

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